The first crack on a new pavement By braden davis

THIS IS 14: The first crack on a new pavement.

14 is the first crack on a new pavement. You're going through changes, not only with your body, but with your emotions and feelings. It's very loud. Lots of peer pressure and first decisions. You start to get embarrassed of your parents, you start to want to be out later and farther. Your deciding who your real friends are. And most importantly your deciding who you are.

14 is when you start to care about what other people think of you. That's why you spend hours trying to make yourself look pretty. Your skin is never how you want it. Your hair won't ever stay in place. And you start to feel more and more alone. Your being faced with issues you've never seen before. And you're wondering what's more important, what's right? Or what you want to be right.

14 is when you start high school. When your grades start to really matter. When you start hearing “Your brothers grades were much better than yours, why don't you try acting more like him.” Your mind is always jumbled. And you barely have enough energy to stand up for yourself because you're so tired from the work that's due in 2 days.

14 is when you start to get more money and gift cards instead of toys. It's the time when you're not the cute little boy anymore because your little cousin took that place from you. But at the same time, you don't really care because you're a teenager.

14 is when you're too young to play with toys but too old to talk in those adult conversations with all your relatives during the holiday. Even though you probably have a very strong thing to say and will get everybody's attention, but you don't even try because they will just ignore you. So you just go on your phone and try to act like you're still having a good time.

14 is when the drama gets to you and you find yourself gossiping when you've never done that before. Your love for gym class has flown away. You start to use a more explicit vocabulary. And you want to be the center of attention but at the same time you don't want to be noticed. I know, confusing right? Well we’re teenagers and that's exactly what we are.

14 is the time you start worrying about everything. You can't sleep at night, so you sleep during the day, which gets you in trouble. You worry about your friend group because you know that even though they're your “best friends” they will turn on you in a second. And you would do the same, which scares you because you're not that kind of person, at least you think your not.

14 is when you make bad decisions to try to impress people. You're always trying to impress people. But when no one notices you're surprised because you're used to all the attention. Then you take a moment to look at yourself and ask “what am I doing”. You still have a long life ahead of you with plenty more mistakes to make. So don't get to worked up, you'll be just fine.

Fury friends

His name is Tyson. He is strong. He is big. He is smart. He is mine. With his spotted fur and his rough feeling nose, made me the happiest little boy. I was smaller than him, but he still jumped on me, gently and soft. When the day was as hot as an oven, he panted, but I thought he was smiling. When the night was cold like snow, he laid on my feet and I thought he just needed me. Eyes as big as New York and brown as chocolate. I could look through them all day. But I have to leave and can't see your joyful face anymore. Only twice a year you're mine again. And then the phone rang, and I just knew. The call that made me cry a thousand rivers. I never got to say goodbye. I never got to tell you how much I love you even though you can't speak back, but I knew you could understand me. I can still remember patting your big broad chest. And laughing at you shaking that little nub acting like it was a long pretty tail like the other dogs. I think about you everyday. I can still hear your bark. I can still hear your cute little sneezes. I can't accept the fact that dogs don't go to heaven, I know you have a soul and that you do.


"Steel magnolias"

It's hot and humid. Everyone seems to know each other. White is the dominant color and doesn't give anyone else a chance. Christianity comes first. And you never ever like anyone different. It was a small green and beige house with a ton of land and a handmade treehouse. A cane forest in the back, with spiders and snakes. Food is important but it needs to be heavy and delicious. I didn't have friends or even a life. It was about church and praying; I am honesty happy I am out of the south. Too much hatred and closed minded people. I still have to go for Christmas, which is fine because I love being with my family, especially around the holidays. But I was a little confused boy who moved from place to place to place all the time. But now I'm settled and happy, in the Big Apple. Where people are praised for being different and love is spread all the time and life is filled with acceptance and love.


Listen to your mother; did you finish all your chores she said to do? This is how to throw a football; this is how to catch a football; this is how you hit a baseball; this is how you catch a baseball;this is how you shoot a basketball; this is how you pass a basketball; this is how to watch sports on tv; this is how you chug beer; this is how you throw a punch; this is how to make another boy cry; this is how you talk like a man;this is how you walk like a man. What is I don't like fighting or sports or being as simple as a barbarian man? You have to like sports because you're my son; you have to act tough because you’re a boy; do you work out? Because you're too skinny. Can you even do a push up? Your arms are like sticks. Why do you like to cook and sing? You should be playing a sport you should be tough, you should be a stereotypical boy. Why are all your friends girls? Hang out with the guys. Why do you like “those” kind of movies. Why do you listen to Beyoncé. She is for girls. You better start acting more like me. I'm getting worried. Is that foundation on your face? I'm getting worried. Why don't you like going to sports things with me? I'm getting worried. Why do you spend forever on your hair? I'm getting worried. Why are you so different? I'm getting worried. One day you will have a wife and children and I need to teach you the ways. Your ways aren't going to help me in my situation.


Fairy tale

Once upon a time there were two very charming handsome princes. They live in a very large glamorous castle with many servants. Their parents who were the king and queen were the most beloved royals of the century. The princes have now passed the age of eighteen and were looking for marriage. Although both the princes were all that, the eldest prince was slightly better. Better at sport, smarter, better with girls. And each time the eldest price accomplished something; it made the younger prince angrier, and made him strive to be the best. One day at a ball, there was a beautiful princess from another kingdom. Both the brothers tried impressing her but she ignored them. The brothers were confused. They had never been rejected before. The youngest prince came up with a plan to win her over. He was going to sing for her. Even though the eldest brother was better at everything else, the youngest brother had the most beautiful voice of the entire kingdom. As he sang the princess started to fall in love with him. When the ball was finished she promised him that she would be his forever. One night after the prince and princess had an argument, he couldn’t find the princess for hours. He looked all throughout the castle and sent his servants through the town to try and find her. Then he realized he hadn’t checked his brother’s room. He opened the door and couldn’t believe what he just saw. The princess was cheating on him with his brother. He fought the brother and tried punching him and doing everything in his power but he wasn’t strong enough. Then he saw that the window was open. He pushed his brother out the window and he fell 40 stories into the middle of town. He had just killed his brother over a girl.

To be continued…

Authors note.

During my life I have experienced many thing that make my stories. Telling my story is very personal to me and it means a lot. During this multi-genre narrative assignment, the other short stories I have read brought out my own stories. This made it easier to create more writing for my different Pieces. I found that connecting my writing with my personal life helped me write better pieces. I felt that one of the easiest ones to write was “this is 14” because I could just spill all of my feelings. I let out what most 14 year olds actual think and feel. The hardest one to write was the mimicking masters 2 because it was very personal to me. I think that it went well and it brought my project together. The vignettes were very fun to write because they were meaningful and short. The book “house on mango street” helped me write these vignettes and revise them. The fairy tale essay was also very fun to write because every little kid dreams of being in a fairy tale so writing one was very enjoyable and easy to write about. Pop culture also influenced me on some of these essays, like Beyoncé because she works hard at what she does and it really inspires me to be better.


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