Cornucopian Islands Our eutopian society

Welcome to the Cornucopian Isalnds, our vision of a eutopian society. Here, we celebrate difference, creativity, and create an original and unique way of life. Welcome to our community, and we hope you enjoy.

  • Once a supreme ruler/rulers are retiring, they will select the future rulers, and train them as well. Once training has began and they do not feel the person they have chosen is a correct fit, they will wait 1 year and try again
  • 10 Government laws
  • If a person is charged by sexual assault and is caught with evidence, their punishment will be just as bad as one who was charged with murder
  • 1ST degree murder
  • If a man/woman is caught with the act of 1st degree murder, they will be charged with jail for life, in extreme containment. If they have been committed the act of murder before but have not been caught, they will be charged with the death penalty
  • 2nd degree murder
  • If a man/woman is caught with the act of 2nd degree murder, they will be charged with a minimum of 30 years with a possibility of early release due to good behaviour. *maximum 5 years for early release
  • Manslaughter
  • If a man/woman is caught with the act of manslaughter, their case will be further investigated and decided from there.
  • There is a maximum of 2 children, unless you take the responsibility test. If you pass the test, you then are allowed another 2 kids, at a total maximum of 4. If you fail the test, you are not allowed to take the test for another 5 years. This is to prevent over population
  • If a person has a third kid without taking the test, they are forced to take the test and if they fail, they have their kid taken away for adoption
  • Lying is not tolerated whatsoever in order to prevent government problems, friend problems, and “drama”
  • A students school day must be no shorter than 5 hours and no longer than 8
  • With every glass of alcohol a person consumes, they must consume a glass of water. No more then 4 drinks per 5 hours
  • Every employee is mandatory minimum 1 weekend off per month
  • Primary: Kindergarten - Grade 5
  • In primary school, it is mandatory for students to take basic Math, language, geography, science, and technology Ed.
  • Once they have their mandatory subjects, they have the option for more: the arts (dance, drama, and visual art), health, and a different language of your choice
  • Secondary: Grade 6 - 10
  • Introduced to classes about taxes, mortgages, and givernment laws
  • Tertiary/Career school: 11-whenever
  • On the school website is listed all the jobs you could have in our community, underneath the jobs is all the courses you need to take in order to get that job
  • Bonus facts
  • No time limit
  • If a class has any less then 12 students it will be scratched and a new course will be chosen

Types of bills:

  • $1
  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
  • $50
  • $100

Taxes on all items have already been rounded. The actual physical price will already be listed and the price will be rounded to the nearest dollar

  • In our city, everyone lives in a cul-de-sac, each one surrounding a park, each park having recommendations from the original house owners so they are all unique
  • Every house was designed by its original owner, so they are all different
  • There are no apartments in our community, half of the population is town houses, the other half regular housing situations
  • There is one island in the center, with 4 islands breaking off of it- one for farming, one for hotels, and one for mechanical plants, and one for health situations
  • There are no apartments in our community do to our layout, we find it easier to manage regular living styles
  • The recreation areas in our community are all surrounded by living spaces
  • Each recreation center is unique-built with suggestions from the first house oweners
  • In our community there are
  • 3 soccer fields (section 1, 4, and 7)
  • 2 hockey/skating arenas (section 2 and 8)
  • 2 volleyball/tennis/badminton courts (section 5 and 6)
  • 2 indoor/outdoor swimming pools (section 2 and 4)
  • Climbing area/playground (one in each section)
  • 4 playing fields (section 1, 5, 3, and 8)
  • 1 running track (section 7)
  • 4 basketball courts (2 in section 6 and 2 in section 3)
  • Along the beach:
  • 5 beach volleyball courts
  • 3 seadoo/boat rentals
  • 3 canoo/kayak rentals
  • 5 food shacks
  • In our community everyone lives with their biological family, no birth mothers
  • There is maximum 2 children, unless the responsibility test is taken, followed by a survey
  • If you receive anything less than a 90% on the responsibility test, you must wait another 5 years to take it again
  • If you receive 80-89%, you only are mandatory to wait 1 year
  • In our community, our seasons are not broken up evenly
  • There are:
  • 2 months of winter
  • 2 months of spring
  • 4 months of summer
  • 4 months of fall
  • In order to control the climate, a dome surrounds our community, opening when the actual season occurs. Once the time limit is up for that season, the globe will close until the next season appears again
  • In order for the heating to be controlled, we will use geothermal energy (heat from the earth)
  • -There is a permanent globe surrounding the farming island, causing the season to always be summer for the best farming season


In our society, we have a complicated yet simplified schooling system. We admire education more than anything, meaning we take the ones who educate us very seriously. Teachers are the number 1 paid job in our community. When you think about it, without teachers, there would be no doctors, scientists, architects etc. They create our future, they should be paid like they do


Our seasons are controlled, and they are in a very complex way. This job takes precision and care and if not learned properly, can cause drastic results. They control the way we run our world, they control the way everyone lives, and they must do it well.

Underground Engineer

With the multiple islands we have connected as one, we need someone to function it all. The underground engineer controls all the connections between the islands; they control the connection with hydro, electric, service, etc. Many of this stuff ic connected with tubes running through the water and under the islands, meaning the underground engineers manage what happens below sea level.

Urban Planner

In our community, we are always trying to think of ways to improve it. We always want new idea, better ideas. Our urban planner is a roll of honour in our community. They are always comparing the Cornucopian communities to others, and is getting different ideas and layouts. They great the next few centuries for our islands.

Quiz Coordinator

The responsibility quiz/survey is very important in our community. It decides kids future and parents. If a quiz coordinator makes a poor decision for parents, it would be even worse to take the child away from his home then for it to not be born at all.

  • In our society, our technology is so advanced we have created flying cars. Meaning we have no roads other than they sky itself
  • The cars in our community are built in with wheels, but once flying become hidden
  • All our cars and vehicles are battery powered to prevent pollution
  • The main transportation in our community is walking. This is mainly because our community is a tightly packed community and it is fastest to walk everywhere
  • In order to access the other islands, a bus goes around hourly to each island, a different bus for each one, with an exception for the health island
  • The health island (hospital, fire department, police station), all have access from your own vehicles

We are very tech based in our community, we believe the farther we discover in technology, the more creative and original our community can be

At the Cornucopian Islands, our schools are solely technology based, they are taught how to properly hand write, but once taught and understood, everything becomes computer based

All our computers/phones are injected into your arm when you are born, but until you are 12 only unlocks at school. This means that whenever you need to use a computer, you tap your left wrist and a hologram of a computer will appear in front of you for easy use. This means everyone in our community is taught everything with their right hand, there are no lefties!

Everything in our community is solar powered. This is to prevent pollution. Our battery powered cars earn their battery power from the sun

  • Some advancements in technology in our community are:
  • Flying/Driving cars
  • Computer injections
  • Disposlemen

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