Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy Band from Eisenhower Junior High Symphonic band

You guys were awesome.

Your band did such a great job.

From the first note you played, I knew your band was special. Your dynamics were amazing, your tone was great, and you looked very professional. I could tell your band practiced a lot, and worked very hard on the music.

I could tell from the very first note you played that your band is amazing.

When you were walking to your seats and before and between songs you all act like professionals.

I’m a percussionist and your percussion is amazing

I loved the trumpet solo

You had very nice balance and blend

Your dynamics are amazing and your third song was the best

Hope I could see you again

Really nice rhythms in the last song

Your band’s balance is great

I think you guys played better than us

You had a beautiful sound and flawless dynamics

You are a VERY talented band

Your performance was amazing

I really loved hearing all your beautiful music combinations. I also really liked hearing all your fantastic dynamics and blends as a whole band.

You guys did an amazing job at the IGSMA band competition. Your blend, tone quality, balance, and overall sound is great. I can tell that all of the students in your band put tons of effort into making great music. I can tell that all of you invest yourselves completely into your band.

I wasn't there, but people in my band said that you guys were amazing. They said that once they heard the first note they said they knew they were going to hear a good band.

It doesn’t matter color or race. Your band sounds amazing.

I want to apologize on behalf of one of our band members for the rude comments that they directed toward your band. What the band member had said does not represent our band, and we as a band want to support your amazing band program.

I’m really sorry for what one of our band students said about your school. This one thing does not define who we really are. Your band played very well, and they sounded like professionals.

I am so sorry about what somebody in our band said. I was honestly shocked that somebody would say something like that. It's disgusting. Even though I wasn't at IGSMA, when I came back everyone in band was talking about how awesome you were. I'm so sorry a person would make that unfair assumption about you. From what I heard from others you obviously worked really hard to sound that awesome.

Your songs sound great from the first note to the last. I hope that the comment that was said does not make you discouraged. You’re a great band and you will go far if you keep playing.

Your band played very well and we are sorry we hurt your feelings.

I'm so sorry about what someone in our band said.

I feel so bad, and that is not something that anyone should say.

We Are Truly Sorry

I am sorry for what one of us said. I do not think that truly represents our band.

The Hurtful Words To Not Truly Represent Us

This hurts my heart very much too cause I am too hispanic. I know how it feels

It hurts to hear this because I am Mexican, Columbian, Arab, Chinese and many more. It hurts because I hear people says racist things about these cultures and the way that they think about them.

I'm really sorry for what somebody said in our band and really hope you will forgive us.

I hope you can forgive us

We Hope You Can Forgive Us

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