The Devine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Michael morris

The Spatial Experience of the Constans Theater was absolutely amazing. I had never been in the theater before this performance, and it completely fulfilled my expectations. Since the show wasn’t sold out and I arrived 10 minutes early, I could secure a seat only five rows back from the stage directly in the middle of the row. The background of the stage began to sparkle, the lights dimmed, and I became extremely excited for the show to begin. Place represents the good life because without having the right place someone cannot be truly comfortable.

I did not plan well, and had to attend the performance by myself. However, I ended up sitting next to a fellow student I went to elementary and middle school with. We had a good time catching up and it was nice being able to discuss certain things about the play with him. I had questions and he had questions about the play that we could discuss and reach a consensus. I had no idea he even went to the University of Florida so it was a cool surprise!

At the turn of the twentieth century, the church was holding the most power in society. The church payed for things like hospitals, asylums, and other institutions. Therefore, priests during this time period were payed a much higher salary than most other positions in society. Keeping this in mind, the character in the play named Talbot comes from a widowed mother and brother who work in a factory, therefore Talbot going to priest school is a huge deal for their family. An issue within this play is the character’s struggle between moral and ethical decisions. Most of them throughout the play must give up certain things in order to reach the “good life.” For example, the character Michaud must give up his passion for the theater in order to secure his place in the church. This relates to life in general because every day in life you have to make decisions. Sometimes you have to let go of something you love in order to make your life more prosperous in the long run.

This play gives us an opportunity for Catharsis just like every other lesson or situation someone experiences. Every situation in life teaches you a lesson whether it is bad or good, there is always something to learn. The Greek word “Katharsis” or “coming clean” with yourself is something everyone should do multiple times a day as a check of moral and ethical decisions. Sometimes a decision you made you might regret, and because you came clean with yourself, next time your decision can be different. This “self-check” or coming clean with yourself is a particularly good way of getting closer to that “good life” and it is important for everyone to do.

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