CANADA 2041 A sustainable future

Urban Sprawl

Canada has many great qualities such as an amazing government, world class health care, and a respectful diverse population. Who wouldn't want to live in Canada! Because of these attributes hundreds of thousands of immigrants are moving to Canada. This is good for many reasons, one of them being for filling future and present job gaps. By 2035 it is estimated that 25% of all Canadas population will be 65 or over. That means we will need approximately 350,000 immigrants annually to fill in those jobs that were recently retired from.

Even though immigrants bring amazing qualities to Canada there is also a downside to having so many people enter Canada. As the population increases more housing is needed to hold the new immigrants. This is a problem for rural and agricultural communities because as we build more places to live we take up valuable space being used for food, wildlife and green spaces. In our future Canada I will create plans to build up with apartments instead of suburban areas with full houses. We will also take old abandoned buildings and fixing them and turning them into eco friendly apartments. This will stop new immigrants from growing outwards and taking up farm land and green spaces.

Plastic Waste

Facts on plastic landfills

  • Approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used every year worldwide
  • A 2002 UN study shows that an estimated $7 trillion a year of economic risk from plastic pollution
  • Over 250 species are know to have eaten or become tangled in plastic
  • Over 40% of plastic usage is in packaging


We go from place to place everyday from going to work, going to school , or getting groceries. We pollute the air all the time without even thinking about it . This very harmful to our health because exhaust and air pollution is one of the leading cause to respiratory problems such as lung cancer, asthma, and premature death. We need to stop this pollution as fast as we can to preserve the health of Canadian residents.

Zero emission bus

We can fix the problem of air pollution by replacing gas burning vehicles with electric powered vehicles. I will create solar power charging stations all across Canada to promote having or buying an electric cars. we will also covert all public transportation to electric because it is used extremely frequently. We will also lower prices to hybrid or electric cars to make it easier to own instead of as burning cars.


As more people move to Canada we begin to have less space for food or crops to grow. We continue to grow outwards and destroy good soil that is very useful and healthy for growing crops. Without this soil we will not be able to fill the needs of Canadian for food and people will not be able to provide food for themselves or their family. That is why I have decided to get creative with garden space in Canada.

A diagram of when apartments will look like in the future

My plan for 2041 is to have garden space on the top of vacant roofs of apartment buildings. This creates more space to have green spaces or continue building up depending on population of the area. Building these gardens on top of roofs will bring more awareness to urban farming and it will catch on in other places around Canada. It will also create many more jobs for people who are entering the workforce of Canada like students or immigrants while making the environment cleaner and the air healthier.


In our communities we continue to use fossil fuels to power our houses, and we are burning at a rate that cannot be replenished. We need to start taking action in our country to replace all things fossil fueled with solar or wind power. This will create a cleaner environment for people to live.

solar powered street lights

My plan is to change insert solar panels on tops and side of buildings where it can still be exposed to light. I will also put wind mills on top of buildings and in parks to create energy for the cities. This will reduce the over use of fossil fuels in urban cities in Canada.


"If you want to know how the shoe fits, ask the person who is wearing it, not the one who made it."

A big problem in many areas is the fast that the government makes all the decisions for the communities and people don't get what they really need. Our government spends so much money on things that do not help people, and we need to take action. In my plans for 2041 there will be meetings every 6 moths to see what people really need and can benefit from. No changes will be made without those who can be effected by them We will take representatives who know what their city needs and speak to them about how we can integrate their proposals into our plans for the city, that way everyone can benefit.


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