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College Principal - "New Year - New Start"

Associate Principal - "Bike-Pushing"

Deputy of Curriculum - Academic Updates

Deputy of Pastoral - "Positive Start to 2021"

Debating Team Visit the Beehive

Isaac Luamanuvae- Scholarship Endorsement

Lasalle Leadership Seminar


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"new year - new start"

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

Greetings and welcome to our new College year

A beautifully warm and settled summer break has meant that we are able to start our new year with plenty of energy, optimism and hope.

  • The College year started smoothly with all students in classes by Period 2 on February 2nd, prepared for learning and with the message that the classroom has top priority in the College.
  • Our first College assembly for 2021 we welcomed our full student body and acknowledged and congratulated the large number of Year 11, 12 and 13 young men who achieved Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Merit or Excellence Endorsement.
  • Our Excellence Endorsement students received their own Scholar’s Tie to recognise their success while Merit students received their Merit Badge.

Mr Doyle has included the data on these achievements in the Curriculum section of this newsletter which I recommend you read.

The Academic results at NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3 are the highest in our College history and testament to the dogged determination, strategic planning and perseverance of our staff, young men and their families who have all shown what can be achieved in the face of adversity.

This point was emphasised by me to our staff and students at our assembly of how a “Can Do,” attitude displayed last year must guide all their efforts this year, COVID or not.

  • We have formally welcomed our new Staff and students with a Powhiri, guided by our local Kaumatua Matene Cooper from Te Puia Marae.
  • All students have had their Academic Counselling meeting with their parents and home room teacher to set targets and goals for their learning this term, another indication of the priority of learning.

As we start the year it is important that we remind ourselves of the key priorities we have as a College.

  • The number one priority is the focus on the importance of learning in the classroom and excellence as seen by ”The daily habit of doing your best.”
  • Young men engaged in their learning and all College activities, representing De La Salle in Sport, Music, Culture and growing their Faith.
  • All students completing the required Service hours for the benefit of others in our community.
  • Actions which only raise the reputation of our College, our cultures and families.
  • Our families engaged with the College in partnership of the importance in creating Outstanding men of Faith, Service, Community and Excellence.
  • All students attending school every day, on time, wearing correct uniform with pride.

A smooth, busy start to the year, but one which we are well planned for and which is expected.

I would like to welcome the following New Staff to the De La Salle College community.

  • Mr Tamayo - Assistant Principal Leader of Teaching / Learning Year 7 & 8
  • Mrs Faireka - Science
  • Mr Powlesland - PE & Health
  • Mr Marcelo - Maths
  • Mr Brebner - Technology
  • Mr Pal - Maths (term one)

We welcome back from Parental Leave:

  • Ms Henry - English
  • Ms Dromgool - Community of Learning/Learning Support.

Mr Raukura has returned from his secondment at the University of Auckland and has had a role change. He joins the College Senior Leadership Team as Assistant Principal for Mission.

We wish all our new and returning Staff our love and support in their work this year.

Finally, thank you Parents for having your son ready for the start of the year, the holidays are over, school routines and structure are back in place.

School starts every day at 8.35am. Students are expected to be at school by 8.30am

God Bless

associate principal

Mr Dermot English


Kia ora koutou and welcome. Its wonderful to have everyone back and to be able to have large groups, such as for the Powhiri, Assembly and the Dedication Mass.

For our boys and ourselves it can be hard to fit everything in. I am making a deliberate attempt this year to be more scheduled. My father always used to say to sit down the night before and make a list, then do it. For all boys, but senior boys in particular, it reduces stress if you know what is coming up. Family will always be the number one priority, but it may be helpful to sit with your parents and plan your out-of-school and weekend time. I have found a difference already with being able to get more done in a less stressful manner.

The boys all have a diary and they should use it. Some may also use an Outlook calendar or other app. The way to make it work is to spend the extra time to put everything in and plan ahead. Not that many people ride bikes any more, but if we want to avoid that feeling of pushing a bicycle because we haven’t had enough time to get on it and ride, then stop for a moment, schedule and plan, and take the time to get on the bike.

Nga mihi nui


Deputy Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Achievement 2020

After all the challenges of 2020 we were even more nervous and excited to see our students results from last year. Like everyone in New Zealand, De La Salle had to adjust to the disruptions caused by COVID-19 and find ways to ensure our students could continue to learn and achieve. We are extremely proud of how our students and teachers responded and we were quietly confident that we had maintained achievement results across the school. At the end of last year our 2020 De La Salle Certificate results confirmed that our Year 7 – 10 students were on track. Now we have confirmation from NZQA that our seniors not only maintained achievement but managed to exceed previous years and set some great benchmarks for the year ahead. Highlights include achieving better when compared to all schools in NZ across all three levels, NCEA Level 1 results and endorsements and our first Scholarship in some years.

Congratulations to our senior students, families and our teachers.

85% NCEA Level 1 pass rate [compared with 71% for all schools in NZ]

95% NCEA Level 1 pass rate for Māori students

82% NCEA Level 2 pass rate [compared with 81% for all schools in NZ]

78% NCEA Level 3 pass rate [compared with 73% for all schools in NZ]

42% University Entrance pass rate

54% of students gaining overall NCEA Merit/Excellence endorsement at NCEA Level 1 – This is the first time in the NCEA history of the school that we have achieved more than half of the students achieving NCEA Merit/Excellence endorsements

35% of students gaining overall NCEA Merit/Excellence endorsement at NCEA Level 2

31% of students gaining overall NCEA Merit/Excellence endorsement at NCEA Level 3

Scholarship in Art Painting – Isaac Luamanuvae

These are results that all of our De La Salle Community can be proud of

Ordering NCEA Certificates from NZQA

All Year 12 and 13 students should make sure they have logged into their NZQA student login. www.nzqa.org.nz You can use your NZQA student login account details to view your grades. More importantly, you can also order your NCEA Certificate through your login. When you log on look for Order Documents. The certificate is free. However, you must order a copy to receive.

Review and Reconsideration Information for NCEA Candidates

All Year 12 and 13 students should have received in the mail their external exam answer booklets and/or mark sheets from the 2020 National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) they sat last year. Any folders for Technology or portfolios for Design and Visual Communication have already been returned directly to school. If you have missing answer booklets and/or mark sheets, contact NZQA on 0800 697 296. (You will be asked for your National Student Number (NSN) and the numbers of the missing standards so please have these ready.)

To view your marked digital NCEA examinations, go to: https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/ncea/

Grade Score Marking (GSM) and your results

Your NCEA examination booklets record a score instead of a grade on the cover because they were marked using GSM.

In GSM the separate scores for questions are added together to give the total score on the cover of your booklet. Your grade is then awarded based on the total score. You can check the grade has been correctly awarded by going to the NZQA website. The range of scores for each grade for each standard is in the cut scores for the examination for each subject: http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/qualifications-standards/qualifications/ncea/subjects/cut-scores/

More information about grade score marking is available at: https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/ncea-exams-and-portfolios/external/grade-score-marking/

Reviews and Reconsiderations process


You should apply for a review if the total score on the front of the booklet:

  • is not the same as the sum of the scores for the questions inside the booklet
  • does not provide the result expected, based on the cut scores for the standard.

There is no charge for a review. Your booklet will not be re-marked.


If you want your booklet re-marked you should ask for a reconsideration. If you are unsure talk to your Homeroom or class teacher. Your booklet will be completely re-marked for a fee of $20.40. The fee is refunded if your grade changes. Fees for reconsiderations will be waived if:

  • a parent or guardian (or a person with relevant care responsibilities) is receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit; or
  • the family income would entitle your family to receive a community services card.

You must not have altered or added to your answer booklets or portfolios in any way. The last date for receipt of NCEA reviews and reconsiderations at NZQA is Friday 26 February 2021.

For further information about reviews and reconsiderations, including NCEA Digital examinations, go to: https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/ncea-results/reviews-and-reconsiderations/

If your NCEA results cause any worries for you, please talk to someone for support. This could be a trusted adult at home or at your school, or in your community.


Deputy Principal - Mr Elton Charles

"Positive Start to 2021"

A busy, but positive start to the Term and how fantastic to see almost all our students back on day one. Already we have had a number of school events take place. This included a Powhiri for all new staff and students as well as the beginning of term Academic Counselling sessions. Other events we can look forward to is our annual Athletics day and several Parent Partnership meetings.

Our team of Deans with their Homeroom staff will be supporting your son throughout the year, and we encourage you to have regular contact with them. The Deans for 2021 are:

  • Year 7 – 13 Whanau Dean Mr. John Dobson
  • Year 7 & 8 Ms. Vicky Tufuga
  • Year 9 Mr. Ben Curtis
  • Year 10 Mr. Aaron D’Souza
  • Year 11 Miss. Fusi Puleiku
  • Year 12 Mr. Ulu Hakeagatoa
  • Year 13 Mr. Nigel Hurst

We have had a positive start to the school year and would appreciate your help with the following:

  • Please ensure that your son has the correct equipment daily- stationery lists are available on our College website, College app and at the office
  • All students must be at school by 8:30am and in their homeroom class by 8:35am
  • All students must be in correct uniform every day. Any student wearing incorrect uniform must have a note from home explaining the reason for this. We highly recommend that students wear sandals during the warmer weather in Terms 1 and 4
  • Students must be well groomed for school every day and we do not allow rat/horsetails
  • Please label all uniform and stationery items

If you are unsure about any of the expectations, then please refer to your son’s College Diary. All expectations are listed there.

We looking forward to a positive school year.


2021 BYOD Information

All students can participate in the School’s BYOD Programme with approval from their parents. Device specifications needed to connect to the School’s Computer Network are listed below.

Minimum Specifications

  • 11-inch screen ideally touch screen
  • 4GB RAM memory ideally 8GB
  • 128 GB Hard Drive Ideally Solid State (SSD) to reduce risk of damage
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11n ideally 802.11ac
  • Keyboard and trackpad (mouse)
  • Battery capable of running 6 hours
  • AC Power adapter/ charger
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Audio out

Suggested Extras

  • Upgrade to 2-year warranty to include battery replacement
  • Carry bag / protective case will help with daily use
  • USB Pen Drive / Headphone

Other considerations Insure the device either household contents policy or a new separate policy.

Recommended Device The School’s recommended device for 2021 is Acer Travelmate B311 Spin and can be purchased at a discounted price from Harvey Norman’s Manukau branch


debating team visit the beehive

By Vaughan Loli

Debating has come so far in De La Salle College, who would have expected a decile one school from South Auckland to have meetings with the Government leaders and associates who help form this country into a better place. Our main motto is “Breaking the Stereotypes” surpassing our goals without failure and overcoming any obstacles that we may encounter. Talofa lava and greetings, my name is Vaughan Loli, I am a Year 12 student in De La Salle College and I am going to take you on a journey of what occurred within this history making weekend.

During my experience throughout this memorable trip, it has been tremendous. My fellow brothers and I were eager to capture any thrilling moments while we were down in Wellington. Well, let us just say that the ride down to Wellington was remarkably interesting. Any who, during this trip advice was given as we met former Prime Minister Bill English, alongside World Class debater Maria English. Maria spoke clearly about how to be a confident speaker and that in debating, you must constructively be able to disagree and to sort out what information is needed and what is not. Judith Collins, leader of the National Party, spoke about misinterpreting the media as whatever false information is placed upon you, it must not affect who you are as a person rather you must play the game, twist the media's false reporting that were placed upon you. Member of Parliament, Chloe Swarbrick took us on a tour around parliament and showed us the distinct phases on how Laws in New Zealand are created. Member of Parliament and Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio shared his thoughts towards our preparation in our upcoming debates. Aupito spoke about having confidence in who we are and to be confident in sharing our real-life experiences and weaving these experiences into our arguments.

Another event that took place while down in Wellington was the bond formed between the boys. We were able to build a strong relationship with each other even though we weren't with our 'usual people' we would normally spend time with. The teachers and supervisors also had fun creating bonds with us and at the end of the day our similarities created lasting memories with one another we will never forget. We also took a trip around Te Papa Museum which revealed the historic moments passed down generations through generations. It was great to read and hear about the people who fought in the Gallipoli war and learn of the different sea and land creatures that were found in New Zealand. We learned that Pacific people grew their culture and fought those who tried to dominate them. The highlight of the trip was the time spent with my brothers; we laughed, we cried, we fought but we stayed strong together at the end of the day. I am profoundly grateful to have stumbled upon debates and Mr. Wendt. If it were not for him, I would not be able to experience this wonderful time spent down in Wellington. All affirmation was laid down in Wellington. Would also like to make special mention to Mr. Birchall, Ms. Puleiku, Ms. Fouhy and Ms. Kuresa for making this trip possible and for making outstanding dinner with Vaega’s major contribution.

Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita

Debating Team in Wellington 2020


Isaac Luamanuvae
Congratulations to Isaac Luamanuvae in achieving Level 3 Painting with a Scholarship Endorsement

The De La Salle Art Department want to extend a huge congratulations to Isaac Luamanuvae who has made an amazing accomplishment achieving Level 3 Painting with a Scholarship Endorsement!

This is an amazing achievement not only for Isaac and our department but also De La Salle College who haven’t had a scholarship endorsement in any subject for 10 years! Isaac's work has been chosen as part of an exhibit in the NZQA Top Art Exhibition that will travel all over New Zealand showcasing the top 60 Art folio boards across the country.

A special mention to Isaacs painting Teacher, Miss Tanuvasa who guided Isaac through the challenges of 2020. Thank you also to Mr Tan and Miss Phillips who also helped Isaac achieve this result.

We are extremely proud of you Isaac! Ka pai!

Lion foundation: Young enterprise scheme

Mr A Lin – Young Enterprise Teacher in Charge

Happy New Year and greetings from the De La Salle College Social Science Faculty.Our Commerce department have an exciting year ahead. Our level 2 and level 3 Business Studies students are participating in the Lion Foundation’s Young Enterprise scheme. In groups, our students will design an innovative product, building their own businesses from the ground up to compete with other teams from around the country. Students will learn valuable entrepreneurship skills, obtain credits and hopefully make a little pocket money on the side.

Keep an eye on this space!

Senior students Jack and Jordan working on their business project

Lasalle leaders seminar

On January 24 - 27 our 7 Year 13 Men of Service took out on a journey together with the 3 different Lasallians schools in New Zealand focusing on leadership and it's application into our school but also in the community. These men had opportunities to learn, have many activities, as well as hike mount Taranaki. It helped the men grow in their ideas of leading and serving the school for 2021.

Lasalle Leaders from FDMC, JPC and DLS


Are you a young New Zealander who is passionate about the environment and keen to make a difference?

Together with the Ministry for the Environment, BLAKE (formerly Sir Peter Blake Trust) is looking for 70 Year 11-13 students from all over NZ to join them for a week-long, experiential learning adventure from 19 - 23 April 2021 and a second programme from 11 – 15 October 2021.

BLAKE Inspire delegates will work with scientists and environmental leaders to develop leadership skills and learn about environmental issues and how to take action to tackle them.

Fully-funded by MfE, delegates just need to bring their passion for the environment, commitment and energy!

Applications close Friday 26 February 2021. To apply visit BLAKE’s website

Walk a day in their shoes Join a 12-hour walk around Auckland on the Saturday 6 March to raise funds for vulnerable families in Latin America through the Catholic charity - NPH New Zealand. To find out more or donate click here

It’s easy to feel removed from the harsh reality that many children and families face around the world. So let’s Walk a day in their shoes!


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Welcome to all students and families to our De La Salle College community. Thank you to all who contributed to the photos and videos for this newsletter edition.