Project 2


I went to Norway this winter, and try to experience the feeling of polar night. We took a cruise from Burgen toward North to the Northcape( The most northern point of European plate). After two days on the boat, when we crossed the Arctic circle, there is entirely no sunlight in the day time. Unfortunately, we are bad luck with the storm, so all the excursion were canceled. We stayed on the boat for three days. When looking outside, there is no land, no light from the city, even no stars. It the first time I feel such strong power of the darkness. The only thing I can do is lying on the bed because the boat was tossing strongly that even can not stand. But in darkness, the sound of dishes crashing, the hanger and ladder bumping were being amplified. I started recording these sound that I never noticed before. Also in Iceland, we visited the lava tunnel, the guide let us turn off all the light, listen the natural sound. When in the 100 meters deep underground space, even just the sound of water drops became beautiful.

I want to create a tunnel city, when people go through one tunnel, they will hear a new sound that I recorded this winter in North Europe. And each sound with a different planet with related landscape on it.

The problem in this project is, with the dark sky box, the colors of the planet are wired. Because all the sound I recorded in dark space, so I want to people walk in a dark space, that they can have the same felling with me when I heard these sound.

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