1st Solo-Trip Who?, what?, where?, when?, why?

Figuring out the Who, What, Where, When and How?

Who is travelling?

Me of course! For the time being I think solo-travel bests suits these kind of trips especially since they're really short and require a fair bit of planning and good timing. I can't guarantee others time keeping but I can guarantee my own. Plus if anything goes wrong I'd rather blame myself haha!

What am I taking with me, will I be bring back?

My backpack and I think most importantly an open mind! I'll hopefully be bringing back some good footage but most of all good memories and a better sense of adventure even though it all seems really scary to me!


That's where I'm a little stuck! Maybe you lovely people could help me out. If anyone has any ideas where a solo-travelling virgin can find their first adventure?

"Holly crap am I actually doing this?" - Billybackpack


I guess now's a good a time as any! So I shall pick a weekend and sort out all of the above points and make my way!

How am I getting there?

Hopefully a cheap and easy way haha. So within my budget I can allow for up to £40 approx. of travel expenses baring in mind I'm only an apprentice so my wage is none existent! Of course this would mean coach or really cheap flights! YES this would limit my destinations I guess, but so does my time allotted for travel... a weekend! I never said this would be easy but it's definitely going to be worth it... I think! and if it's not then I guess you can follow my adventures with all it's up's and down's I'm sure to be having along the way and decide for yourself! :D

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Bilal Hasson


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