Tour of The Harn by sean ennis

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

One piece of artwork that stuck out to me the most while on my tour was Night Light by Yvonne Jacquette. The reason why I enjoyed this piece of artwork so much is because of the perspective the artist takes uses to send the viewer its message. That perspective is an aerial view which allows the audience to look down onto the world. The message this work communicated to me is that the world goes on no matter what so you have to have a positive perspective on life. Being able to view this artwork in person really allowed me to realize how big the painting actually is and the skill that was put into creating it. Overall the painting left me with a great feeling of admiration and respect for life and how living with a higher perspective on things and overall better ones life.

Design of The Museum

one wing of the museum that I found appealing was the feminist artist exhibits. It is designed as a large open space with artwork on the outer walls as well as walls set up in the center with art. The ceiling is tall and I thought the wooden floor went nicely with the white walls and the bright lighting allows for viewers to better observe the art. My favorite aspect of this wing was the displacement of art. It was not cluttered, instead it was spaced apart and did not create the feeling of being overwhelmed. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the history of female artists and this week left me with an overall feeling of happiness.

Art and Core Values

One of my core values is appreciating our loved ones and being able to accept the fact that one day we are going to have to learn to live without them. Artist Linda Kohen deals with her losses through artwork and spreads her message through artwork. I think finding a way to cope with losses is an important part of life and finding a way to manage it is paramount. This piece of artwork makes me feel sad knowing that I have already lost close ones to me in life but after thinking about it i realize that this art piece makes me happy because I remember all the great memories I shared with those who have passed. It makes me realize that I need to spend as much quality time with my family as well because I never know when I will lose them in my life.

Art and the Good Life

I feel like on major theme for Good Life is finding a new perspective to look at life. After viewing a few of Jacquette's art pieces, I realized she likes to paint with an aerial perspective on life. It gives one the feeling of being on top of the world and in control of their life. This painting conveys this theme to me because it allows me to think about my life and how I want to view it. If I look down at my life from a positive perspective, I will feel positive and in control of what I do. Say I viewed my life from the ground, I would feel powerless and like I have no hold on what happens next in my future. Overall this painting made me realize I need to view life from a positive perspective and looking down on life is a great way to do that.

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sean ennis

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