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We had 45 minutes to to unlock all of the locks to open the box. The theme of the breakout box was Environmental problems. There where multiple locks, with that we had multiple things to do so, we had to works as a team. We unlocked the first lock it was pretty easy than they kept getting harder. We've accomplished to unlock all of the locks except the pattern lock we knew what to do but we didn't know how to reset the lock to put the code in again. I think it's a good way to collaborate with members in a team or just wanting to do something

First to make my app dice we had to make two different type of cubes one was the presentation cube and on was the creation cube. Our theme was computer parts. I rolled Doceri and Skitch. With Doceri app all i had to do was get the pictures of the computer parts or take pictures and put them on Doceri. Skitch all i really had to do was label the picture. I think it's a fun way to pick themes or ideas when you have a bunch of ideas and there really good but only have to choose one or the other

Lastly was adobe spark I think adobe spark is a fun way to create projects in a technology way. You could use posts for social media and graphic purpose's, great for memes, inspirational quotes, announcements, invitations. Also, pages for something like web stories great for photo journals, event recaps, portfolios, catalogs. Even videos like animation videos, great for lessons, pitches, presentations, greetings. Posts, Pages, and Videos are like the topics of your project and you can pretty much do a lot in each of those cataories.

Barack Obama has not only made a impact on my life or Black people's life but almost everyone in America. In my opinion he shows great reasonability. He shows that you should strive to success and not just stay on a basic level in life. That you should follow your dreams and don't let anyone shut them down. Obama shows that you could stay loyal to someone or something and make something out of that. I believe that he has encouraged a lot of individuals to not to give up and keep trying. He's Moto is not 'Yes I Can', It's 'Yes We Can' for a reason he just doesn't want to keep America great by himself. I think he wants us all to work together as a team to make America great.

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