Life in a drop of water

Spirogyra: Green algae, filamentous, zygnematales, fresh water, more than 400 species in the wrold.

Rotifer: more than 2.200, fresh water, ground and saltwater.

Ostracodo: Is a class of crustacea, is know as seed shirmp, more than 13.000 species.

Euglena: Unicelular microorganism, class of Euglenoidea, more than 800 species.

Oscillatoria: Filamentous cyanobacterium, reproduces by fragmentation, uses photosynthesis to survive.

Chlamydomonas: is a genous of green algae, consist of unicellular flagellates.

Amoeba: it's a microorganism wich has the ability to change its shape, it's found in other organism.

Oscillatoria: filamentous of cyanobacterium, it is found in fresh water, it has a brother that is the same but in blue.

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