Becoming a Vet By:Jodie Law


Veterinarians take care of the health of animals. They diagnose, treat, and research diseases and injuries of animals. They also conduct research and development, inspect livestock, and care for pets and companion animals.


It takes about 19 years to get the education to become a vet.You need a doctoral degree or a professional degree.


You need a license from the state of board to become a vet. You get it by passing a test.


  • Be dependable
  • Be able to tolerate stress
  • Have concern for others
  • Have self control


  • Solve problems by using scientific rules and strategies
  • Read information that is related to work
  • Finding the easiest way to solve a problem
  • Picking the right option by knowing the pros and cons


I will become a vet by getting a doctorate or professional degree in college.

I will graduate high school by getting good grades

I will get a doctoral degree in college

I will get a license from the state of board by passing a test.

I will visit and volunteer at animal hospitals

I will become a vet!


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