boscastle the flood in boscatle

On the 16th of august one of the biggest floods ever to be seen in wales happened. This horrific tragedy was in a little village in Cornwall, Boscastle.This has caused many people to lose their jobs and their homes!!!

This is a video that shows you what the flood was like in 2004 Boscastle. You will be shocked!


Many pavements and gardens were destroyed.This is because the weight of all the water was too much for the ground. The biggest effects were that many people lost their jobs,cars and homes and they had to pay for the replacements and for a new home. This is bad because they had no money because they lost their jobs and probably all their savings and wallets were down stair and got taken away by the flood.

Foot bridges had been washed by the strong current of water so that caused many houses to fall down because of had strong the water was with the foot bridges and cars that had been swept away with the flood.


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