A Divine Time by sana moon

SOCIAL. I didn't get any photos with my friend, but she did take this photo of me. I think the social aspect of coming out to this play was extremely important because, rather than watching videos online or reading a book about the story, leaving the house and attending a play was an actual experience. It is not common for many people nowadays to attend plays and watch live performances of theatre productions so it was definitely something different that I am glad to have taken part in. I also saw many friends that I did not expect to see when I walked into the theatre. A lot of them were dispersed in the crowd but as people began to leave before the talk back, I spotted many of my friends and moved up closer so I could sit with them as we heard the actors speak. The Good Life is about making the most of experiences and I think going through things with friends definitely enhances the experiences.

CULTURAL & INTELLECTUAL. The play definitely took a major turn in the second half with an unexpected plot twist. I really enjoyed this play because it was different than any production I had seen in the past. It had a very unique takes on topics that people don't ordinarily talk about. I think what stood out most to me was the ability of the writer to take the stereotypical idea of a character and completely morph it in the eyes of the audience. I am not an actor but in my senior year in high school, many of my friends and I decided to join the production of the school play considering it would be our last. My role was a nun and it was portrayed in such a way that it was almost comical if the nuns were seen walking around New York in the daylight. After watching this play and seeing people who are studying to be religious leaders and to have gone through abuse and rape definitely shows a take that is much different than the play I took part in. People do not usually think of nuns and priests as people who have problems just like everyone else, even though it should be completely necessary to do so. For this very reason, the characters in the play showed so much inner conflict by fear of embarrassment and shame to speak the truth about their pasts.

SPATIAL. The theatre was lit up in different colors and I really enjoyed the art pieces hanging from the ceiling, hence the wonderful photo my friend took of me. I really appreciated the way the lobby was set up and how I was able to walk through a small entrance to see such a large display of art. When I sat down, I was greeted and taken to my seat which was a bit far back but still we had a wonderful view of the stage. The seats were filled about halfway to the back which but by the chatter, it seemed like there were tons of people. As the crowd began to quiet down, I got excited to see what the play had to offer and was curious because I was not sure what to expect.

EMOTIONAL. This photo was taken as I was leaving the theatre. To be completely honest, I did not expect to enjoy watching the play as much as I did. It delved into such socially radical topics that I definitely did not see coming, but the surprise definitely enhanced my experience of watching the play. The play is very clearly showing the process of "Katharsis" because of how difficult it was for the characters in the play to come clean and speak about their past. As I mentioned before, the characters were ashamed and embarrassed, not only because of what had happened to them, but because it would not suit their reputation. Being students of holy people, they were told to suppress their true emotions of sadness and regret and to go on as if everything were okay. The play truly depicts what it could be like to be going through such a difficult time and to finally let go. I am sure many audience members, including myself, took this to heart as they left the theatre. It was definitely and eye-opening play and that is why I am so glad it was shown as a part of Good Life.

  • Constans Theatre Photos: taken of me by a friend
  • Photo of the Nun on Introduction Page: was retrieved from the sample Spark Adobe photos library
  • Photo of Actors Performing: http://static.wixstatic.com/media/d0b5fd_6ef322da8d5049dca84cf96c3615b680~mv2_d_3000_2000_s_2.jpg
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