Burdens of false hope By Eric Aguilar

Misguided hope has unforeseen consequences
"They'll can me purty soon. Jus' as soon as I can't swamp out no bunkhouse they'll put me on the country." pg60 -Candy "Got no teeth," he said. "He's all stiff with rheumatism. He ain't no good to you, Candy. An he ain't no good to himself." pg44 -Carlson
Miss Morgan laughed with relief until she felt that her hair was coming loose on the back of her head. "You mean- you mean- gnomes?" Tularecito nodded. " What did you want to know about them?" "I never saw any," said Tularecito. His voice neither rose nor fell, but continued on one low note. " Why, few people do see them, I think,"
" If you ever run across some nice Chrysanthemums I wish you'd try to get me a few seeds.' That's what she told me." Elisa's eyes grew alert and eager. "She couldn't have known much about chrysanthemums. You can raise them from seed, but it's much easier to root the little sprouts you see there." pg5 -Elisa

Real world connections

treatedmash mellowFor my really world example I put this music video because the mashmellow dude is seen as a burden for being different. Cause of that he is made fun of, miss treaed, and looked down upon.
Created By
Eric Aguilar


Created with images by Brett Jordan - "Tessellated L in Black"

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