The Natural History Museum

I went and visited the Natural History Museum in order to get a sense of what it would be like. The following spark story shows what I saw and how the museum made me feel.

Nature on Display

Nature on Display: As I adventured into the natural history museum the first exhibit that really stuck out to me was the frog exhibit that they were showing. I have always been amazed at not only the amount of different species of frogs but also the immense potential of what they are capable of! For example did you know that a single poison dart frog has enough poison to kill twelve full grown males, or that some frogs have such powerful legs that they could jump more than ten feet vertically. The design of the exhibit was really appealing to me because it made it seem like there was no particular set way to go about exploring the frog exhibit which allowed you to meander to whichever frogs were more interesting to you. I found learning so much new information about frogs to be enjoyable, including interesting facts about them including where they got their nicknames.

Nature and Ethics

Nature and Ethics: The Natural History Museum allowed me the opportunity to view the landscape as more than just land for the taking. The biggest example of this is they have an exhibit which is just a large open area that is suppose to parallel the central Florida forest landscape. At the first glance it does not seem to be anything more than just leaves and trees, however after further looking into the exhibit you begin to see animals. These animals who use the forest as their home as well as way of living by gathering food, this made me personally become more appreciative of the landscape. Most other people around me it felt like did not notice the environment like I did because they just happened to walk through the exhibits without paying attention to anything in them. I believe the experience in the museum allowed others to connect with nature by fully immersing them in a very real nature setting. I believe that I have always had some ethical responsibility so it did not instill any with me however it was a good reminder of how I should go about showing my ethical responsibility.

Nature and the Human Spirit
Nature and the Human Spirit

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum really helps takes us out of the moment of our lives because we become fully immersed in this environment that seems so real even though its fabricated. It makes us realize how large the world is and how long it has existed before we were even around. Even though I have been to many different Natural History Museums many different times every time I find something new that I had not seen previously. This makes me understand that there is so much in the world that remains unknown to me and makes me appreciate the incredibleness of the natural world.

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