Top Five Beaches you must visit in summer 2019

If you're a beach bum like me, you'll enjoy these top five beaches that you must visit in summer 2019. What makes these top five beaches so special you ask? These beaches have all the elements that most travelers look for the most those being blue skies, clean sand and surf, attentive beach staff, well maintained amenities.


The rolling surf positioned near the Seaside Amelia Island Inn resort is located off the northeast coast of Florida. Upon arrival, the sheer beauty and proximity of the rolling surf will take your breath away. This quaint resort is a stone's throw away from the beach and often accommodates guests desiring an early check-in. The Sandbar Restaurant is a full service beachside eatery that is adjacent to the inn and provides everything from morning breakfast to afternoon pizza to live nighttime entertainment, fresh seafood and an expansive wine list. The inn's rooftop look out is great for catching sun rays during the day or powering down to read a book inside the lounge.

Catch some rays, read a book or watch sandpipers fly. A short flight to Jacksonville, Florida puts guests within proximity of Seaside Amelia Island Inn and Resort.

Oh the luxury of Tortola's British Virgin Islands. Looking to lead the glamorous life? Then come to the calm, azure waters and uncrowded free beaches like Smuggler's Cove where the warm sun wraps the body like a hug. Yachts and small boats dot the idyllic landscape like a picture perfect postcard. If you're looking for something to do or nothing to do at all then Tortola, British Virgin islands is for you. Don't be surprised if you bump into 'Pirates of the Caribbean' in Tortola. The British Virgin islands reminiscent of the backdrop for Walt Disney's famous movie bearing the same moniker.


Tybee Island Beach in Savannah, Georgia is a pristine dream for visitors and environmentalists alike. The mighty Atlantic ocean is laid bare before guests while seaside homes and inns line the coast. It is the place where the annual Pirate Festival takes place in autumn and where folks gather to see turtles hatch their young in the spring. There's no lack of seafood eateries with vibrant nightlife and an old confectionary that carries southern ice cream flavors like 'banana pudding'. At Tybee Beach, monarch butterflies stop and flutter hello hurrying up to greet you and it was formerly the backdrop for the movie 'Magic Mike XXL'.

Want to reserve a summer rental on Tybee Island? Plan ahead and don't wait or hesitate.

The Caribbean's Maho Beach in Sint Maarten in the Netherland Antilles is the place to see and be seen. Outdoor music, flowing refreshments and non-stop live entertainment set the stage for excitement on this compact island. Besides, how many people can say that they lounged on the famous Sunset Beach Bar that is as close to the surf and the action as Maho Beach is. Imagine lounging in the path of oncoming jetliners speeding overhead at over 500 miles per hour. That's the attraction of Maho Beach where on a good day guests can spy jetliners arriving at the hangar from all over the world - even Air Force One.

The sights and sounds of Sunset Beach Bar at Maho make up for the congestion and rampant activity.

Tyrell Bay Beach in Grenada's Caribbean islands is a beachcombers paradise. Simple luxuries and space to enjoy natures niceties make this tropical island beach a joy to behold. Grenada is called the 'spice' island since they are the major export for the country. It is not unusual for local vendors to sell scented necklaces made of cloves, nutmeg and mace on the beach, which I can attest last for years and years. The soundtrack of the island is lapping emerald green waters. Every little breeze is fragrant with the natural wonder of Grenada's essence. Grab a bite and your camera at the seaside to capture amazing images of this natural wonder.

A serendipitous day on white sand beaches in Grenada. Add a little nosh and you're set.
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