KEB INOvations Helping The Future Of Humanity

KEB Inovations saving humanity by creating new inveventions to help it

By gathering the smartest group of people on the planet in one place and forming are own utopia we will strive to build a better future

Located in the whitsunday islands in Australia

typical day for a member of Keb Inovatios

9:00 AM show up to the inovation center for your daily seminar

10:00 AM Go to your assigned wing of the bulding to work on your project

12:00 AM Lunch and break time

3:00 PM Project time

7:00 dinner and break

12:00 sleep time

Keb inovations Seal

Membership Requirements

have to have a major acomplishment in life

Our demoncracy

We have chosen this form of goverment because we beliveve evey one has a say in are utopia

We live in a paradise focusing on our creative parts of are mind helping the future

Keb inovation rules

1: attend your morning seminar

2: obey curfew

3: present projects to asembly

4: no weapon based projects

5: you must vote

6: you must come up with at least 1 successful project a year

7: can not share your project with outside world

8: no harmful substances

9: you must approve your project before buliding

10: spend at least 8 hours on your project a day


Created with images by skeeze - "space telescope mirror segments james webb" • werner22brigitte - "whitsunday island great barrier reef ocean"

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