Girls' Pre-Season Basketball By: Megan rummel

The fall sports are coming to a close, which means that winter sports are starting up once again. Maggie Strawoet (12), Alyssa Blair (12), and Reilly Heinbaugh (11) are starting to prepare for the upcoming basketball season.

Q: What does the basketball team do to get ready for the season?

Strawoet: “We do a lot of off-season workouts. This summer, we went to team camp down in UNC [University of North Carolina]. We do a lot of weight training in the fall and open gym. The open gyms can get very difficult sometimes and same with the weight trainings.”

Blair: “We do the Tip-Off Tournament, which is a tournament at Chambersburg where Chambersburg, Waynesboro, Greencastle, and James Buchanan are there, and we want to win it. It is a big tournament, and it is a great way to start off the season.”

Q: What kind of drills do you normally do in practice/open gym?

Blair: “Sometimes we split into ‘bigs’ [forwards] and ‘littles’ [guards] and work on positions. We also do a continuity, which is a continuous 3 versus 2 drill.”

Heinbaugh: “We also scrimmage a lot in practice. Practices can be hard, or they can be relaxed and chill; it all just depends on the day.”

Q: How does Coach Miller help you prepare for a game?

Strawoet: “Before the game, she always comes in the locker room and tells us who the other team’s key players are so we can look out for their numbers and know who they are. She also tells us what we need to do as a team to win the game.”

Heinbaugh: “Usually, Coach Miller gives us a little motivational speech before each game. The speech normally talks about how we should do our best and that she knows what we are capable of so she knows that we can do better than what we have done.”

Q: What kind of goals are you setting for yourself/the team?

Strawoet: “My goal for myself is to definitely be a better player this year, and it's my senior year, so I really want to go out and give it my all. As a team, I would love to make playoffs and Districts and hopefully go far in that.”

Heinbaugh: “We want to win more games than we did last year and just work on the little things we need to improve on.”

Q: How do you plan on achieving the goals that you want to accomplish?

Blair: “By practicing hard and giving 110% at practices and games, along with working well with teammates.”

Strawoet: “We need to work hard and by getting the right people at pre-season workouts and to push each other.”

Even though basketball has just started up, there is still work that needs to get done in order to be ready for the season. As Don Meyer once said, “Make the practices like games, and the games like practices.”

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Megan Rummel


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