Healing Art Photography for the heart and soul

Photography by Susanne von Schroeder

Art offers an opening for the heart

Scientific research suggests that nature art in hospitals and clinics promotes healing and facilitates positive outcome. Viewing nature scenes serves as a distraction for the patients and reduces stress and anxiety. There is evidence that it lowers blood pressure, reduces the need for pain medication and increases patient's confidence and trust.

The staff also greatly benefits from the arts as it creates a better work environment and gives them a chance to relax and rejuvinate in an intense and stressful work place.

The arts can also provide comfort and a positive distraction for visitors who spend many hours waiting for loved ones during times of uncertainty.

The preferred art in hospitals is nature landscapes, but also animals and other nature scenes.

Lake Superior images
My cat family

Being in nature has always been a big part in my life and helps me to unplug, unwind and be at peace.

In my younger years it brought healing to my mind and was the best "medicine". I would spend many hours by myself in the woodlands in my surroundings, walking barefoot and listening to the sounds of the forest.

With my photography I want to offer a way of bringing the healing power of nature into people's homes at an affordable price.

And I hope you will discover some of the “good medicine” in my art.

Art is the conversation between lovers. Art offers an opening for the heart. True art makes the divine silence in the soul break into applause. (Hafiz)
Created By
Susanne von Schroeder
All photography by Susanne von Schroeder

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