Missions & Baptism The Start of a New Semester

This is starting out as a semester of highlights that you have helped make possible. We start with the World Missions Summit held in Houston, Texas from January 4th through the 7th. Thanks to your prayers and support, we were able to take six students, and their lives were deeply impacted.

The BU Team

6,000 students from around the U.S. gathered to make personal contact with hundreds of missionaries serving around the world. During the week they were challenged to welcome international students, pray for outreach all over the world, cultivate a lifelong habit of mission giving, and consider going themselves. The theme of the week was give a year and consider a lifetime. As a result of the conference 1600 students pledged to give a year to missions in the U.S. or abroad when they graduate. 6 of our students responded to that call. The 7th has a call elsewhere.

There was an added bonus. One of the students we brought realized that, although she had been a life-long church goer, she hadn't ever given her life fully to Christ. She had the opportunity to pray and give her life to Christ. Our second week back she had the opportunity to share her testimony on a Friday night meeting.

We ended up being stranded in Houston for an extra couple of days due to Northeast snow storms. The students were troopers, spending half of the first night in an airport while Jet Blue tried to find a way to fly us north. The extra day gave the students a chance to meet Steve and Belkis Lehmen, our national Chi Alpha diversity staff. That led to Belkis spending a few days with us ministering to students in Boston.


Two of our students, Leslie and Jada were baptized at our Friday night meeting this week.

What's Next?

This weekend we have our Winter Retreat. We will be traveling over the border to New Hampshire and Brookwoods Retreat Center. The group going includes several new students and internationals. After that, we continue to train our students for their spring break trip to Haiti.

Our retreats and mission trips are major discipleship moments for our students. This year we are still behind in raising funds for both events. Please, pray that everything comes together. If you would like to help, you can give at:

Thank you for your partnership. With your help the gospel continues to spread on Boston campuses.

Gene & Lynn Breitenbach, and Thomas Van Der Laan

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