My Learning Diary "I am a Teacher"

  • My name is Mosima Masethe, a teacher/ lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology , eMalahleni Campus in the East of South Africa, where most of the Big Five of Africa are residing, and enjoying their greener pastures!!!
  • I started teaching related subjects in the faculty of Computer Science ( programming and problem solving using computers) since the year 2007 at TUT up to date.
  • My subjects have been the most difficult ones to teach students, with high failure rate ,
  • A concern was raised, to review our teaching practice methods for us to identify the gaps (missing link), in order to address the matter risen.


This is where I am doing my teaching practices every day!!
One of my best days of the week, before entering my class!!!

Let me share my experiences, our environment tour and the different activities happened within our campus in the past...a bit of emalahleni tour!!! it is small and beautiful!!!


Weekly Session 1 on April 2016 Katri and Anne

Day 1 and 2

Introduction and familiarizing ourselves with each other (who do I say I am)
  • The first day of the training was truly amazing, getting to meet some of my colleagues for the first time,
  • Picking up a picture of a chair to symbolise a type of a learner you are.
  • Sharing our previous career tour with other peers, and how we landed in teaching.
  • I learned that some of our experiences are similar and teaching was the last choice in our career
Learning about a Blue Ocean Technique
Recognition of competence and Teacher identity: Learning on how to use a Fish Bowl technique, and identifying the things that my University needs to prioritise and minimised for better development, and also discussing why I am participating in Vocational Teachers course. " I WANT TO DEVELOP MY ROLE AS A TEACHER"
  • It was very amazing to recognise our competences and identities as teachers using the diagram
  • The fish bowl technique was the number one new technique that learned about and even adopted and used it in my teaching practices,
  • At First, My students wondered, but towards the end, they liked the new technique of learning, where they were able to share their knowledge one to another, and that encouraged them to prepare ahead, in order to participate.
  • I was glad to identify the characteristics that encouraged me to be part of Vocational tecahers training, in order to develop my role as a teacher

Day 3

Learning about collaborative learning in peer groups, identifying our own Peer Groups, Group names, Logos, setting Group rules to be finalised and documented in the next peer group meeting session
  • This was the challenging day of the entire week, because we had form final peer groups, and most experienced colleagues were isolating themselves.
  • "FEAR" this is the greatest enemy in life, especially to the adults, getting to know each other and
  • I found forming a final peer group within 2 days was not enough,
  • that is why it was hard for most of us to form groups with the unknown people.
  • I believe, there is still lack of transparency in this matter, where some were not isolating themselves based on their experienced
  • However, a group of five peers was formed, by Thabo, Dan, Tshwarelo, Faith and Mosima, and named " Academic Evolutions"
  • The PGAP including group rules were identified and meeting schedule.
  • With the different campuses we are scatted on, and different backgrounds, and different faculties, we had to agree to meet twice weekly, as we had a lot to go through, like knowing each other, and so on.....
  • We managed to teach other a lot of new things , identify different skills among the peers, and at the end compiled a paper as our first consolidated group work to Katri.

Day 4 and 5

Different suggestions were identified from groups on social media platform for running workshops
Identifying what Metaphor am I as a teacher then followed by a peer group collaboration, lastly the summary of weekly session evaluation was done on picture expression and a group photo
My Orientation Essay

It is shared on the link below................

A Week before Session 2 starts...........

My research visit in San Francisco -USA (Golden Bridge)
Weekly Session 2 on 31st May - 3 June 2016 Katri and

Day 1

This is the day I missed out a lot..............

Day 2

Analysis of workload for a semester course


identifying the main stakeholders and their roles in teaching and learning

Day 4

Grouping in cards for Guidance and counselling activity (counselor, complainant and judge), then 2 group collaboration meeting followed after

Day 5

Placing of Leaning environment grid and chosen Peer group work with method to be presented in the next weekly session

My Teaching Practices

25th July 2016 from 11h00 -14h00
Peers activities on "Loops" Students working in groups to discuss what are the exact outputs......
Warming up- Searching female presidents worldwide by match letters chosen and selling and buying letters from others
Group grid method was used (Multiple choice questions and T/F were discussed by peers groups ), and students were grouped using colours

My Class Visits and Evaluation

Tshwarelo Evaluation, Subject : Control Systems IV (CSY401T)Date: 10th August 2016, Time: 13h00-16h00
Dan Evaluation, Date: 12th August 2016, Time: 12h30-15h30
Faith Evaluation, Subject : Personeel Management 2, Date: 11th of August 2016, Time: 10h00 - 13h00
Mr Podile Class visit for observation
Mr Podile Class visit for observation: MAT117T, Topic: Calculus Intergration
Class visit for Mrs. Chinamasa for CMK101
Lecturer: Mrs. Chinamasa, Subject: CMK101, Topic: Relational Management
Lecturer by Prof Yunus Ballim, Subject : "Women in Leadership" : Can new brooms sweep clean?
My Guidance and Counselling
Summary of Weekly Session 3 ............ 15-19 Katri and Lisa
learning on how to use Thinking Hat Technique aery exciting to me, method of collaborative assessment methods
  • The Technique of using thinking hats was interesting to me, because sounded familiar from my previous studies, about different brains, and the logic is the same.
  • I enjoyed my role os the team leader with a blue color and have noticed a strong potential in me.
  • Our consolidated activity was submitted on padlet in a picture form.
Academic Evolution Collaborative Presentation on " Diversity in Learning Styles and Strategy" Mosima, Faith, Dan, Thswarelo and Thabo"

Collaborative Workshops

  • According to our PGAP, peer group meets every Wednesday and Friday, however, but due to class visits and evaluations taking place, we have to rotate on five days weekly, which pose a challenge in our daily works.
  • We had so many debates on how we should collaborate our work, until one public holiday we spend 4 hours and finally good collaborative ideas merged
  • Tasks were divided among the peers and each one had to prepare final work as we agreed.


Summary of Academic Evolution Collaborative Workshop
  • A Summary of grouping in colors, special tags for playing a GROUP GRID game called "phatha-phatha" from each peer group
  • Group grid method was applied to discuss and answer the activity
  • Special tags (stars) were designed and owners were requested to present the summary work done
  • Then after feedback was collected in a way of 3 different faces (sad, wonder and very happy)

Curiousa Group

Curiosa Group: Language Barrier

Teachers Garden Group

Teacher Garden: Learning Strategies that enhance students engagement

Wimpy Group

Wimpy: Learning with special needs

Life Changers Group

Life Changers Group: Different Learning Styles
KSV Anchors: perception on Diversity
Summary of Weekly Session 3
I feel so privileged to be on the first Group of Vocational Teachers at Tshwane University of Technology..........
This is an awesome and powerful team I ever formed in my studying career..
Katri and Anne the first Teachers we met from Haaga Heila , most dedicated teachers were open in sharing their experiences and skills to Mzanzi

This was the last day of weekly Session 1......

to be continued............

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