Experiencing "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" Reilly lord

The Spaitial Experience

The physical construction of the theatre was very fascinating. Once in the theatre I immediately noticed that the stage was higher than the first couple rows of seats. My seat was located, looking at the stage, on the far left about 6 rows up. I was grateful to have come in later so I did not have to sit below the stage, as I believe that would have negatively effected my experience. Thus, my seat made my experience more realistic. When the lights dimmed and the audience quited I was filled with anticipation and excitement not knowing what was to come. I believe the size of audtitiorm created a more life like experience and helped me connect more with the characters. Location often shapes ones goodlife. For example, growing up in a small southern town establishes different values and perspectives on what the good life entails in comparison to growing up in a busy metropolitan city.

The Social Experience

Initially I intended to attend the play with a girl from my discussion class and one of my sorority sisters. However after arriving I ran into another friend who was attending by herself and so me, my friend from class, and my sorority sister sat with her. To get ready for the performance I straightened my hair and wore a dress. Attending with friends, although they didn't all know each other, made my experience very comfortable. Although it was a new setting, being with friends helped me enjoy the play more than I would alone. Personally I do not believe attaining the goodlife without having loved ones to share this sounds appealing. Loving people and expierincing life with them is a key ingredient in my goodlife.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I had no prior knowledge of the play before attending the performance. The play is centered around mocking the church as well as theatre itself. The play was set in the early 1900s in Quebec City. Seeing this play made me question the logistics and daily practices of our own culture that are never questioned. Although viewing this play did not change my opinion on the church I do believe that often times the church does have inconsistent perspectives.

The Emotional Experience

Seeing the play in a dark barely lit room provided an excellent setting for a katharsis. Reflecting throughout the play provides the viewer an opportunity to identify a main problem and analyze the perspective of the characters while keeping their own perspective in mind. This not only stimulates the readers mind but gives the reader a chance to express their emotions and opinions concerning a particular topic. In addition this initiates discussion within those seeing the play and brings up topics that otherwise would be difficult to talk about. In this play in particular the church and it's function in society was a topic of discussion between me and my friends as we left the theatre.

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