Mars By: Hunter O´Connor

Name of Planet - Mars

The diameter or size of the planet - The diameter is 4,221

The period or rotation and revolution -687 earth day is a year on mars.

Average distance from the sun - 142 million miles away

Origin of the planet’s name -mars was the god of war…

Average surface temperature or range of temperature - Mars is usually -100 ℉.

4 Interesting Facts -

1.Water currently exists on Mars as small amounts of vapor in the atmosphere, as ice at the poles, and as ice in large regions just below the surface

2.Earth and Mars both have a metal-rich core at the center; a large, rocky middle layer called the mantle; and an outer crust

3.Mars’s two moons, Phobos and Deimos, are small and rocky

4.The Mars Science Laboratory rover, named Curiosity, landed in Gale crater in August 2012. Weighing about 2,000 pounds and measuring about 10 feet in length, it was the heaviest and longest rover sent to Mars


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