Piggy and The Mushroom by carlie overcash

Steve and Piggy have been together since Piggy's birth. They are the best of friends and Steve will do anything to protect Piggy. Even if it means fighting a teleporting, block moving ender man.
Steve and Piggy were out one day gathering some resources. While Steve was digging grass, Piggy was getting hungry so he decided to eat the mushroom. Steve did not realize what Piggy had eaten so he didn't think anything of the situation and went on with their day.
The next morning Steve woke up, realizing he did not hear the obnoxiously loud snores of his dear Piggy. He went over to Piggy and realized that he was unresponsive. That is when Steve realized that Piggy had eaten an extremely poisonous mushroom. Steve started crying and cried for hours.

Later that Day

Steve had a memorial later that day to remember the moment of his dear friend Piggy. Every week Steve would visit Piggy's memorial to lay down flowers.


Carlie Overcash

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