The Giver By: Eliana Frazier

The author is Lowis Lowery

Imagine you have no memory of the past, or colors or even feelings, then imagine being chosen to receive all of it. The Giver by Lois Lowry is a great book about a young boy Jonas who is turning 12 is chosen to become the receiver of memory. Many say that this a great privilege , but it also comes with much pain and heartache. The Giver is a young adult or Utopian genre and a little bit of fantasy to.

In The Giver all the children who are turning 12 get assigned jobs, each job is assigned carefully and thoughtfully. Jonas is excited but nervous to find out his job. when they skip over him in the ceremony he is worried. After all the 12's have been assigned a job they finally return back to Jonas and assign the job of Receiver of memory. Jonas doesn't know wast to expect but when he goes in or training he has experienced thing no one else has. Soon Jonas will realize that something needs change and he has to do something about it.

I really enjoyed this book it was exciting interesting. I would recommend it to those who enjoy different utopias. There community if very different from ares, so it is cool to see different ways that are world could be like. One of the quates from this book I liked was " if you were lost in the river, Jonas your memories wouldn't be lost with ,you memories are forever". I like this quote because it recognizes the importance of memories and hoe they are forever.

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