The Drude Desighned by HMJ International


This coaster is one of a kind. We choose Arrow Dynamics to replace Drachen Fire which was the original coaster at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. This fast new coaster is much more fun and intense than Drachen Fire. We choose to name our coaster the Drude. The Drude is a German legend that wonders the forest at night at attacks people in their sleep. It is a very scary and mysterious creature.


This fast and crazy hyper coaster will thrill you from start to finish. It includes many special elements such as a cobra roll, a vertical loop, and an insane fog tunnel. The ride is very cheap to buy. The price is only $3,000,000 because of it’s length and how easy it is to manage. It is only 2,769 feet long It can reach max speed of 56 miles per hour coming down the lift hill. The top of the hill is about 122 feet tall. You can see a great view of the ride once you get up the lift hill. The coasters riders per hour is around 1,500 so you can ride it as much as you want. Great ride for all ages. You and your friends can all have a great experience on this coaster. When the ride comes to an end, you will go through a very fast corkscrew and a fog tunnel. This coaster is one of a kind.

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  • Length 2,769 ft
  • Speed 56 mph
  • Height 122 ft
  • Inversions 3
  • Cost $3,000,000
  • Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
  • Type Hyper Coaster
  • Riders per car 24
  • Riders per hour 1,500

Why you should buy it.

The Drude can reach a max speed of 56 mph. This coaster contains a corkscrew, a vertical loop, and a cobra roll. It can reach a max height of 122 ft. It is a good ride for ages 10 and up. If you love thrills,this is the ride for you. This coaster would be about $3,000,000 because of its lengths and size.

It also has a incredible tunnel with fog!

These are some videos of our coatser


Green Screen

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