The forecourt vent stack is now safer than ever... Innovating for safety on petrol station forecourts

"Falls from height were the biggest killer of UK workers in 2018/19 with 40 fatalaties" HSE UK

PFS Fueltec and our supply partner Risbridger have been working hard on a new innovation which removes all maintenance items from high level on petrol station vent stacks.


Available as a complete system for new/rebuild sites, the 'Moduvent' is a modular vent frame with incorporated pipework stubs, VR1 petrol manifold and petrol and diesel vent risers.

Fully built and tested by us, it is delivered to your forecourt ready to plug and play.

When Coupled with the revolutionary 'Innovent' low-level pressure vaccum vent valve from Risbridger ltd the complete vent stack installation can be done in minutes from ground level.

With no maintenance items above thigh level, work at height is totally negated for the life of your forecourt.

The Innovent is easily retrofitted to existing vent-stacks making it a safety feature readily availble to every petrol station forecourt.

Available today from PFS Fueltec - call or email us for more information:

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