The Wearable Watch in Communications


Computers have gotten smaller and more accessible as technology has grown, and now we have shrunk them down to be able to wear them around our wrists. Computers started out large enough to fill the size of two rooms, but as time passes and technology progresses we are seeing them be able to fit whatever need society needs.


The apple watch is a wearable computer which is becoming more and more common and necessary in our progressive community. This technology allows for wearers to be able to safely communicate while they are multi-tasking. A social media manager must be able to keep an eye on accounts they are in charge of at all times, unfortunately in this field people are always to contact a business or write a review. This is something a manager must stay on top of, one social media post can snowball into a huge headache a company does not want to have to deal with.

Benefits to society:

With the capability of wearing a tiny computer around a user is able to stay in touch 24/7 while they are on the go. The wearable watch benefits society by always being able to stay in constant contact with if you need to. The technology behind these watches one day may be able to monitor vitals and the health of a person and possibly predict if a major health episode is about to happen.

The functionality of a cell phone always being accessible to the user is the ultimate goal of the wearable watch. The benefits of wearing a computer are endless, never having to deter from a task if a user is receiving a phone call or text message. Wearing the device allows the user to have both hands free, unlike if they were using a computer or laptop (Starner, 2001). How close the device is to the user’s body, how portable the computer is and how quickly it can be accessed allow for effortless use of the device (Starner, 2001). The placement of the wearable computer will fluidly be accessible without having to tie up any of the user’s hands (Kerris & O'Brien, 2014). The closeness of the computer is what allows it to excel. With modern advances the computer can not only keep the user organized and attached to many other computer networks it can monitor the user's heart rate during a workout or monitor sleep activity to help benefit the user. The close relationship with the wearable computer is the greatest and strongest quality of the device (Knight et al., 2006).


The wearable watch allows people to stay in touch at all times if need be and has great potential to progress and potentially be an instrument to better people’s lives. The technology has potential to touch and better many lives in the future. I believe in a couple of years it will be rarer to not see people with a wearable watch than the opposite.

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