Fitness Court® at fairgrounds park

The City of Loveland Parks & Recreation Department and UCHealth have partnered to make the wellness of Loveland citizens and visitors a priority by making fitness free — for everyone! The Fitness Court® is an outdoor bodyweight circuit training facility created by National Fitness Campaign. It's designed to transform public spaces into community fitness hubs.


The Loveland Fitness Court® is located at Fairgrounds Park - 700 S. Railroad Ave. in Loveland, Colorado. Parking is available in the lot at 405 S. Cleveland Ave. and in the lot off of Railroad Ave. near the pavilions.

Watch the video below to get a feel for how to use our Fitness Court®. The recommended minimum age for use of the Fitness Court® is 14 years old.

How It Works

7 Movements in 7 Minutes

National Fitness Campaign’s outdoor bodyweight circuit-training system features a series of full-body exercises that can be completed in just seven minutes. 7 Movements in 7 Minutes is a simple yet powerful workout created for a range of athletic abilities and is optimally performed on The Fitness Court®. Developed by experts in the field, each exercise takes 45 seconds, with a 15-second interlude between sets, and is shown to burn more calories per minute than most other forms of exercise.


The Fitness Court® accommodates a variety of skill levels and abilities at each station, from beginner to expert. Each piece of equipment allows users to leverage their bodyweight at different angles and levels of resistance as a tool to improve over time.


In addition to the 7 Movements in 7 Minutes training system, The Fitness Court® can be used in thousands of ways and variations. The possibilities for custom movements and routines are endless.


The Fitness Court® builds community while being fun to use. Challenge yourself, your friends and your community to get outside and get active.

Enjoy Free Fitness Court® Classes

Provided free of charge courtesy of our partner, UCHealth and/or fitness instructors from Chilson Recreation Center.

Registration for UCHealth sponsored classes may be required. Please see schedule below.

Class schedule for 2020 coming soon!

Download the Fitness Court App from the App Store or Google Play

Download the free Fitness Court app from the App Store or Google Play to register for most of our free fitness classes!

2020 Class Schedule Coming Soon! Free classes will run Memorial Day through Labor Day 2020.

Intro to the Fitness Court

Discover the Fitness Court’s 7 movements — core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility and bend — to challenge and strengthen your body. Taught by Chilson Recreation Center personal trainers, Fitness Court Ambassadors and/or UCHealth.

Get an introduction to the seven stations that make up the Fitness Court and learn how to use the app to interact with the available features of the training environment. Courtesy of Chilson Recreation Center instructors and personal trainers or Fitness Court Ambassadors.

The Basic Class

7 Movements, 7 stations, 14-35 minutes. Participants stay on each station for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between. The circuit is repeated 2-3 times for beginners and 4-5 times for an extra challenge.

Pulse Class

14 movements, 7 stations, 35 minutes. Two movements at each station, 15 seconds of rest and 45 seconds of active recovery between each station create a high intensity class.

Bootcamp: Fitness Court 101

Learn how to navigate the Fitness Court safely and effectively, meet new people and achieve a great workout with Loveland's newest outdoor fitness experience! Join an experienced trainer from UCHealth Medical Fitness for this one-hour sweat session. Bring your outdoor workout gear, water, sunscreen and your smart phone! All fitness levels and ages 12+ welcome. No registration is required.

Tai Chi Demonstration

Tai Chi practice is good for health, balance, vitality, longevity, aches and pains, strength, flexibility and more. It has been practiced in some cultures for centuries and can keep the body and spirit in tune. Enjoy the sunshine and outdoors while learning about the benefits of Tai Chi and practicing some of the traditional movements. Register by calling 970.624.1860 or 970.495.8560 or online.

"Stop the Bleed" Class

Free training to learn how to control bleeding and apply a tourniquet until first responders can take over care. Register at uchealth.org

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