The conflict begins By Avery williams #18

WW2 began in the 1940's when Germany invaded Poland . Many lives were lost in this war and not all Jews many other people who Hitler thought were not the perfect race. Today I'm showing you the dictators , were the U.S was at the time , and a timeline of the attacks.

Adolf Hitler was Germany's dictator or a leader with complete control. Who invaded Poland .Adolf was head of the political party also known as Nazis. 1933 Nazis were In control of Germany . In 1938 Hitler but many Jews and none perfect people in concentration camps. Later Adolf committed suicide.

Benito Mussolini was the dictator of Italy in 1922. Also was on Hitler's side in WW2. Mussolini was born July 29 1883 . He was always in to politics even as a boy , his mother was school teacher and provided for the family . Italy entered ww1 and was on the front line as a Italian soldier. He saw that this time was a great time for Italy to rise to power. But in WW2 1944 allied forces took over Italy . Benito later died in April 28 1945

Joseph Stalin was dictator of the Soviet Union. Stalin was against Germany in WW2, because Hitler said he would not attack his army but did so Stalin later joined the allies. Also had form many countries after the Russian revolution.

Hideki Tojo dictator of Japan . Who bombed Pearl Harber on dec,7. Tojo was on Hitler's and Italys side. Japan also invaded china and in 1931 Japan invaded Manchuria .

Fransico Franco Took of Spain with help from Mussolini. Franco was born December 4 1892 . Franco gwas a soldier who roes to power.Franco killed thousands by executeding thousands. And died in November.

America got involved in the war when Pearl Harber was bombed . But before WW2 America was in a depression with no jobs, no food, and no Homes. WW2 brought them out of the Depression.

WW2 ended in 1945 September 2 with more then 1,000 people dead many reminders still stand. Still today we remember the terrible thing that happened

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