The World According to Julia H




This is the EU flag

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations? Response: Centrifugal and centripetal are both a part of the supranational government of the EU. A centripetal force is bringing them together and a centrifugal separating them a part. One way that the EU is getting pulled together or also called a centripetal force is that there are borders among countries allowing the citizens of the EU to easily cross from country to country with having to use a passport to get through. Another way a centripetal force is happening in the EU is that they all share the same flag along with an anthem. A centrifugal force is that Euros aren't used in all of the countries which pulls them apart. Another centrifugal force is that the EU speaks 20 different languages which makes it hard to communicate Those are the forces that work for and against the EU.


What is the most effective form of government? Democracy is most effective because there is limited government which means that separation of power is used so that the government doesn't have all the power over the citizens. Since separation of power is used it is harder for the leader to gain control over the citizens and country. The citizens vote in elections or give their Consent of governed or their permission to be lead by this leader. While the government has power they also responsibilities just like the citizens. Democracy is the most effective style of government because there are limits on the government giving the citizens more freedom in the country.

What does it mean to be a good citizen? To be a good citizen you have a responsibility to pay taxes and follow the city's law and social laws. A citizen always has a freedom of speech at anytime. A citizen can vote once old enough and has to vote in order for a country to have a president. Sometimes citizens have to tolerance consequences that he or she doesn't like or agree to do if they broke a law. (consequences can vary). Being a citizen of the USA is awesome, but you have to follow the rights,laws and responsibilities.
Which would be easier to live in, the Sahara or the Sahel? The Sahara would be easier to live because of a few different reasons. The first reason is the Sahara has one of the harshest environments in the world, the Sahara usually suffers droughts and has gone years without water. Through years people have adapted to living in the Sahara because of oasis’s. An oasis is a spot in the desert where water is found. Most oasis settlements have around 2,000 people. When an oasis settlement grows the water problem grows as well, if people can not get to water it will be brought to them by a truck. The second reason why the Sahara is an easier environment to live in would be because of the trading and farming that goes on in an oasis settlement. Trading and farming is the major economic activities at an oasis settlement. Most of the people that live at an oasis are subsistence farmers. Other people grow cash crops,date palms,wheat and vegetables. They bring their produce and trade with the nomads for meat, water, milk and cheese.Those are my two different reasons why living in the Sahara desert would be easier than living in the Sahel desert

How might having a valuable resource affect a region? Having a valuable resource in countries such as southwest and Central I Asia can affect the country in good ways and bad ways. Southwest and Central Asia’s resource is oil. Oil is created by small sea creatures that lived in the ocean millions of years ago. When the sea creatures die they create a subsistence that stays underground. Oil is kept underground by impermeable rock. Oil is a renewable resource which means it takes a long time to form and be collected . The oil makes the region wealthier but some people do not use the money they get well. Some counties only use their money for the kings and queens and not helping the people. Having oil as a resource can be bad because other countries will go to war for the oil. Having oil as a renewable resource has good sides to it and bad sides to it. The good sides being that the region gets healthier and more money. On the bad side they don't use their money wisely and other countries might fight for the oil.

This picture is a machine collecting oil in a big city

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