Canbury School Newsletter 1st February 2019. issue 149

Dear Parents and Visitors

My apologies for the disruption caused to our normal working patterns on Thursday and today due to the weather forecasts. It's always difficult knowing when to make a decision to postpone or cancel events and clubs, but health and safety of all students and staff very occasionally leaves me little choice. Thank you for your understanding.

Mr Adams gets to grip with the snow whilst many were still tucked up in their beds.

All being well, the Year 9 Parents Evening will now take place next Thursday 7th February, with the postponed Duke of Edinburgh presentation scheduled to run at 4pm before that on the same day.

Finally, the Smarties challenge for Momentum has been extended by a week. So there's still time to crack open a tube and then re-fill the empty box (having shared the contents with your friends) with £1 and 20p coins. Mrs Bowen says you can share filling the box with a partner. Please return your tube full of coins to your tutor by next Friday 8th February, with your name(s) on the side. All monies raised will go towards our fundraising total for this worthwhile, local charity: https://www.moment-um.org/home/

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Kyrell for his fantastic progress on his times tables.

Carl for his excellent effort in swimming this week.

Zac and Adam particularly for great leadership and teamwork skills in creating graphic scores for our colour symphony project in Music.

All of Year 7 showed Ms Clancy today what fabulous artists they are!

Year 8

Matthew for his excellent effort in swimming this week.

Alannah, Ain, Matthew, Ottilie and Harry A for excellent effort in Science practicals this week.

Ottilie for her outstandingly thoughtful work in English.

Ottilie for her excellent result in the History test on The English Reformation.

Ottilie for joining the boys for football on Thursday and having an excellent Games session.

Year 9

Victor and Seb for their imaginative ideas designing slogans for their adverts in Music, Aansh and Evie for their great musical improvising.

Seb for his excellent effort in this week’s Geography test on Ghana.

Oskar for doing a class demonstration and being such a great help during Art and Graphics lessons.

Victor for continuing his exploration into stencil printing at home and for bringing photos of his work to show Mrs Smith - which she says made her very happy!

Ellie for joining the boys for football on Thursday and having an excellent Games session.

Year 10

Amy for making such a fantastic start on her Art GCSE and for the beautiful drawing studies - what a talent!

Rosie for excellent spelling in Literacy.

Amy and Cate for excellent effort in their PSHE lesson this week.

Louis for his extraordinary insights into text and his eloquent expression of his perceptions in English.

Rosie for outstanding contributions in two English lessons this week.

Pascal for his subtle role in helping to “chair” and manage discussions in English on Wednesday.

Amy for achieving a wonderful 22/25 in a recent History test on Appeasement.

Year 11

Ijaaz for a fantastic start with his Photography controlled assessment. Great to see such enthusiasm. Mrs Smith can’t wait to see the Camden photoshoot you are going to do.

Luca for a fantastic start with his Art controlled assessment. Some great artist inspired work already underway, well done Luca.

Jasmine, Felix, Ijaaz and Eugenia for considerable improvement in their memory of Physics facts and formulae.

Felix and James for excellent work and determination in Literacy this week.

Year 12

Harry for undertaking a second (independently organised) gallery visit to the Royal Academy of Arts to inform his current work.


Some excellent work was done in PSHE this week with Year 10 Students doing some thought-provoking work on gender stereotyping. Amy (l) and Cate (r) produced these pieces of art work on the subject.


This week Year 7 explored the push and pull factors which affect people’s decisions on where to live. Year 8 learnt about renewable energy sources and created countries that were powered solely by renewable sources. Year 9 looked at the production of bottled water and did a blind taste test to see if they could tell the difference between tap and mineral water!

In the Canbury Laboratory this week.....

It's been a busy week in the Canbury Science Laboratory. Year 8 students were investigating “spinners” with shorter and shorter wings and the effect these might have on flight time, while Year 9 were doing the ruler drop test to calculate our reaction times. Year 10 were looking at steam turbines, on the road to our own Canbury Power Station. Energy self-sufficiency is just around the corner, says Mr Scaldwell!

Performing Arts news

In the next two weeks we have two exciting Performing Arts events happening. On Thursday 7th Feb Years 8, 9 and 10 Performing Arts students will be going to the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford during the afternoon to see Blackeyed Theatre Company’s touring production of “Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four”. This is one of the productions that our BTEC Performing Arts students are studying. In addition there's an extra treat to follow, because the company are able to offer our students a post-show Q and A sessions with the performers. The students are looking forward to quizzing the actors about their work. http://www.blackeyedtheatre.co.uk/

Then the following week we are very much looking forward to welcoming Frantic Assembly Physical Theatre company into school to deliver two workshops on Friday 15th February with the Year 8, 9 and 10 Performing Arts students. This international award-winning company choreographed the movement in “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” as well as many other superb productions. www.franticassembly.co.uk

Sports Update

Unfortunately the planned KS3 Unihoc tournament was cancelled this week due to the adverse weather conditions. Not to be deterred, we still had great football and gym sessions for KS4/5 Games on Wednesday and the KS3 students wrapped up warm for football and unihoc on Thursday.

House News

Writes Miss Ross: "Another successful and energetic house event took place last week. After many requests for another sports house event, I put on a basketball shooting competition on Tuesday. For this event the students had to shoot from various cones spread in front of the hoop, which were all worth different points. In the first round the students knew the further away the cone was from the hoop, the more points it was worth. However round two was a game of luck as the cones were randomly distributed and students didn’t know how many points they would collect at the cone they were shooting from. There was lots of high fives and celebrations as the teams worked together, encouraging and cheering for each other as they collected their points. After lots of excitement, balls being shot and points accumulated for their house, Noble came out on top for both rounds, taking out the house event for the month.

Well done Rosie, Ain and Olivia! An all-girls Noble team put together very last minute and still managing to win both rounds of the basketball shooting competition. Who runs the world? GIRLS!"




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