Utah Symbols MC BY madison claar

State animal Rocky Mountain Elk. The elks have survived all of the hunters and they are members of the Yellow Stone Park.
State Emblem beehive. The beehive represents industry.
The State flower is the Sego Lily. By an act of the Utah State Legislature, approved on March 18, 1911.
The State fruit is a cherry. Cherries are grown in Utah. A second grade class helped.
Our State fish is the Bonneville Cutthroat Trout. The fish is native to Utah and was important to the Indians.
The beehive represents Industry and it is a symbol in Utah history.
This is the place is our State song. In 1996 Sam and Grey Francis wrote the song.
The State gem is Topaz. Until the 1950's it was known as a yellow or golden gemstone.
Sugar beets are the state vegetable. We tried to produce sugar from a sugar beet.
The state tree is the Quaking aspen 4th grade students helped change the tree.
The state flag represents industry. Changes where once made to the flag.
The allosaurus is our state fossil. There are many different definitions for allosaurus for example different lizard and strange reptile.
California segal is our state bird. These birds have saved many lives.
The state mineral is copper. Copper is used in electronics and many other things.


Created with images by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker - "Elk" • bradleygee - "beehive (3)" • andrey_zharkikh - "2013.06.22_13.39.39_IMG_4604" • Hans - "cherry sweet cherry red" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Bonneville Cutthroat Trout" • yellow book - "Beehive" • ISchneider - "nature arches national park national park" • starbright - "topaz earrings natural" • Motorjan11 - "agricultural sugar beet bite" • dgascalonsr - "Early Fall" • aqua.mech - "Flag Of Utah" • James St. John - "Carcharodontosaurus saharicus theropod dinosaur (Kem Kem beds, Upper Cretaceous; Gara es Sbaa, Kem Kem region, southeastern Morocco) 2" • CucombreLibre - "San Francisco 2703" • schizoform - "20120630 copper"

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