Accessing Shared Libraries in Adobe Stock Quick Tip

A best practice recommendation for teams is to add stock asset previews (or licensed content) to a new library, rather than the individual's default "My Library". Libraries can be named anything, even something like "newsletter stock images" or "images to be licensed". The naming is up to the creator/owner of the library.

An owner can invite others to either view or be an active editor of a Creative Cloud Library. This is a great way to engage with the rest of the team and ensure everyone is working off the appropriate assets.

Once you accept a Library invitation, the new library will appear in your My Libraries drop down list on the Adobe Stock web site.

After you login to stock.adobe.com, look for the Libraries drop-down link near the top right of the web interface. You can find this link on any page within the Adobe Stock Web site.

Choose the Library you wish to view (scrolling may be necessary). Once the Library has been selected, it will load on screen. You will see thumbnails of every asset, along with blue badges for any currently licensed images.

Click once on any image to see a preview along with additional data about the asset (including the File ID number) and download options.

You can do a lot with this workflow:

  • Copy/paste File ID Number
  • Locate other, similar images
  • Use Preview Crop to test out different aspect ratios
  • View more images from the same contributor
  • License or download a preview of the asset to your computer
  • License or download a preview to a Creative Cloud Library
  • License and/or open a preview directly in Creative Cloud desktop applications

If the user has both Creative Cloud access and is entitled to license assets from Adobe Stock, they can even bulk license multiple images from a selected Library.

Created By
Jim Babbage