Turtle Maniek or Filemona? Nobody knows it...


This is me turtle Maniek or Filemona because I don't know his/her gender. When I was to the vet, he did not know answer for this question. Propably because turtle was very small, smaller than bottle cap :) It does not matter surely it does not change anything.

I take care of turtle since I was 6 or 7 years. This is very difficult obligation. I have to add water in aquarium and turn on and off lamp light. I don't like clean aquarium, water filter etc. On this quests I must to have from two to three hours. But I have to do this once in year.

This is a water filter - perpetrator confusion...

My turtle usually spends time under water but he/she is turtle water and land, so he/she loves sunbathe on the root!

I feed my turtle once time of week because usually turtles eat little. Hes/she prefers "Italian: frutti di mare". Turtles can not eat dried food. This is dangerous for them.

In last time my turtle eats shrimp variety "Kidi"

I can not fun with turtle but I prefer see like he/she swims or eats like tiger! But with big culture. See for yourself

When I am angry or sad I like rest with this view.

Everbody says that turtles are the slowest animals on the world but when turtle is endangered he/she escapes very quickly. I want to show this you but my turtle fears thereof.

Sometimes my hero sleeps like sausage between two rolls :))))))))

I hate when my turtle noise in night. It is terrible. When I get up in night, I allways I check the temperature of water, because must be from twenty to twenty-eight.

In my opinion to take care of turtle is not easy. So, I am angry when I hear " I bought turtle for me kids because this animal is easy to take care" Pfff.... FALSE

My turtle has hobby. It is dance and acrobatic gymnastics, really! She/he is professional in this sports. Turtle allways eats diet meals. He/she doesn't drink sparkling drink and alcohol. My dancer never goes sleep after nine pm. He/she likes every sports. My bro never uses drugs.
But I know one my turtle is the best ski jumper. On evidence photo. We can watch he/she in the winter when fights for the title of champion jumps.

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