Horses By:Ney Ney

Did you know that Horses use their back legs to defend them self? Also they can use their back legs to kick something to open or break objects.Horses use their back legs to defend themselves from predators. For example, for a tiger comes near, the horse will automatically kick the predator with, the back legs the predator that got kick by the horse might have broken, leg or broke bone.. If you want to know more, read on and find out about horse's appearance, habit, and how they live and survive.

Have you ever get in trouble and want to fight then run away? horses are an animal that are scared easily. Like if it see a shadow or something it will be scared it will run around. Next time if you see a horses try not to scared it let it see you before you touch it.

Have you ever get in trouble and want to fight then run away? Do you know that horses looks like a gigantic dog that have a big mouth. Also horses are big and have less hire than dog.

Do you know that horses comes in different color like black, brown, and, lot more? Horses legs are very beautifully when they run quickly. When horses run quickly their legs go in pattern. If you find horses that run nice and have beautiful colors try to be gentle with it because it might be scared and it will run around. If you find a gigantic dog that has a big mouth or it kick something it a HORSE.


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