P211.T45, The Secret Book

People write about transferring to Clemson.

On many pages in the book are words of advice as well as people showing their appreciation for all that Clemson has provided them with with. They are using the rhetorical appeals of ethos and pathos in their writing. Their writing is ethos because they are speaking from experience to give advice to current and future students. Pathos is utilized as well when people wrote emotional thoughts reflecting on their time at Clemson such as, "Wherever I end up, you'll always hold a piece of my heart, Clem." These writings appeal to the readers emotions and enforce the idea of family and Clemson being a home.

A page full of puns.

Along with more sentimental things being written people also appealed to emotion in a humorous way by writing many humorous puns and jokes in the book. This used the rhetorical appeal of pathos which makes people laugh.

One of the pages of names from readers of the book.

Many people that checked out the book added their signature which shows the amount of Clemson students that have checked out and contributed to the book.

A quote from the Bee Movie

On this page I added my name and graduating class to the long list of people that had checked out the book. This book is a symbol of unity between many different groups and classes at the university that allows others to give and receive advice and guidance through their Clemson experience as well as provide something for people to look back on.

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