Meet The Family, Vol 1 The Family of Fashion PRSVR

Husband and Wife Brandon and Margaret Williamson, along with their sons Brandon II (age 5) and Brave (age 2)

Pictured in the PRSVR DTLA Showroom.

The Family of Four Designs, Manufactures, and Distrubutes their own Elevated Lifestyle Brand, PRSVR, with a new Showroom opening in DTLA.

The PRSVR Concrete Camo Trench, Cargo Pant, Black Cashmere Crewneck, and Barney Boots.

And, PRSVR Curated Installations backstage at the GRAMMYs and created the Official 2019 Grammy Celebration Gift, given to a selected 6,000 guests of The Recording Academy.

A variety of Grammy Award Winners, Performers, Presenters, and Executives shopped a boutique style pop-up showcasing PRSVR’s newest and best selling designs.

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We met Fashion’s Newest Family in their new DTLA Showroom that doubles as a 2nd home for the close knit group (who refer to themselves as The Core Four).

We want to find out how they managed to stay afloat in the choppy waters of the Fashion Industry, and learn some do’s and don’ts for own lives.

What’s the most important thing to know about your brand?

“We should probably stick with the Elevator Pitch on this one. PRSVR is an Elevated Lifestyle Brand creates for those who live and work in the city. Those who refuse to choose between style and function,” says Margaret Williamson as she picks up one child, unlocks a phone for the other, and never misses beat.

Margaret is the 30 something Matriarch of the team who simultaneously manages to feel like your best friend, counsellor, and Mom.

Always within ear shot and usually arms reach is her husband and creator of the brand, Brandon Williamson. His tall 6’3” frame seems to be in place as a distraction from his infectious smile and ability to make everyone feel like the most important person in the room. To hear him speak about his vision and lessons is like watching Rocky. You can see how much he deserves to win, but you also see how big that opponent is! No matter what, we know this is going to be a good show.

Why persevEre?

M: What other choice is there? Death? But seriously, I often joke with Brandon that we should have called the brand Win instead of Persevere!

B: If you’re asking as a name of a brand, well it came from our inability (at the time) to enter into the culture. We wanted to work at Nike, but at the time, they weren’t hiring those who looked like I looked, or admired the things that I admired. I wanted in at LRG at the time, and although very cool when I would see them, me and my crew at the time were unable to secure any real connections, so we wanted to brand as like comeback kids, or underdogs. This kid that didn’t have the story that was being told at the time, but had seen a supreme vision that needed to remember to follow through. To keep going.

What has been the most difficult obstacle for your brand?

M: For me, the hardest part has been trying to separate our personal preferences from the brand preference. Of course the brand is heavily influenced by Brandon, me, and our life together, but PRSVR is bigger than just us. It is meant to represent any person committed to constant elevation... not just those who happen to love blazers and sneakers! For a minute we made the mistake of thinking that just because most of our clients are Fathers, they wanted to see a bunch of Family-Centered images. They didn’t. Lol well, they “liked” them, but didn’t want to “buy” them. We now understand that the brand is just like us... multifaceted, with many roles to play. The front facing look of which is Sleek, Bold Confidence.

B: For me personally, it’s funding, and cash flow. We weren’t necessarily taught to do those things, but I’ve learned. True indeed we have secured the funding needed for all of our major commitments and desires, at times it’s difficult to understand the reasons the blessings flow the way they flow. This is clearly Gods plan for us, so He pays for what He orders, so it has allowed for me to properly understand which projects to do. Knowing that He doesn’t want me to ever be in lack, He has trusted me with the money for His projects, not mine. So if I don’t have it, it simply wasn’t supposed to happen..otherwise He would pay for it.

What made you think you could launch a Luxury Brand?

M: Great question! I suppose I never questioned it!

B: What would make me think that I couldn’t? The desire to do so was really out of requirement. We couldn’t (and still can’t) get the larger brand pricing because they are all running a volume game. So since our prices already started out so much higher for the same level, the only thing I could really do is make it better, with better materials, and charge more for it to offset the increased costs. I studied in Milan, and worked with makers in Michigan on how to make products, and make them better. From very early on, it was already being molded to think in that way of elevated products. Not quite luxury in my eyes, but certainly set apart.

When people call for boycotts, and wish to champion PRSVR as the brand for the culture, how does that make you feel?

I mean, it certainly makes me want to react, and dust off my soapbox, and put my hat in the race because the support from the people is what makes my brand successful. I don’t make money from other brands. It’s exciting to be rallied around, so to say. For every conversation that mainstream media leaves us out of, we are in discussion at clients dinner tables, up and coming artists lyrics, established artists closets. We are where we need to be, and gearing up for where we want to be. As for the brands releasing these items as designer goods..I mean, this is art. The narrative is to constantly blame it on the art. If you’re offended by Tekashi lyrics, you stop listening...you don’t go get the next one to see if he’s still offending you. Some people like those designs and that’s who they’re making it for. If that’s not you, not let it be you next week either.

Stay tuned for Volume 2, and connect with the PRSVR brand and family at www.PRSVR.com

Brandon : @bcbydesign

Margaret: @margaretawilliamson

B2 and Brave: @adventuresofB2andBrave

The Brand: @PRSVR

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