What's your focus? By ben cooper and josh boland

Savante Daniel

“I have been focusing on homebuilding because I feel it could be a possible career path for me. I enjoy homebuilding a lot, it's like a sports outlook for me because I quit track. It’s kinda like another team building thing I can do with others and get better at.”

Owen Kelly

“Recently I haven't really been focused on anything honestly. I’m just waiting to go to college. I’m at the stage right now where I feel like there is not much for me to achieve or accomplish in high school anymore. I’m just trying to go to college; I'm just looking ahead.”

Arista Luong

“I have been trying to focus more on school because I think education is really important; not only for my mental health right now but for my future. So I have been doing a little less socially and skipping a few soccer practices to make sure that my grades are up.”

Annabelle Jones

“Mainly, as it is my junior year, I have been focusing on school and this semester mostly. Turning in my assignments on time, and I think it’s been going pretty well. But it can be stressful.”

Julianne Dial

“I’ve been focusing on my portfolio because I’m looking to go to college for photography. So I have been doing a lot of work with film and digital photography and working on trying to get into college.”

Danelle Mosher

“My focus depends on the day. With teaching, CR’s and forum, because with all those different things I do here there are a lot of differences. At the moment, I am focused on count day and all the CR students that have to put their summaries on Moodle.”