The Magic of Love It brings The kids in us

Much has been said and done about love; and yet, none is enough to define and give full justice to it. But for its sake, it’s always worth the try.

What can come to compare? When love always defies time and space, and even outwitting reasons—who would not care? Everybody had a fair share.

An epitome of divinity amongst us; love never goes out of date; it never goes out of fashion—for it knows no age.

An ever deserving title holder of everdearest and beloved, love is ever remembered; ever cherished; ever favorited; ever glorified and honored.

A true sublime that grows within, love blossoms when it’s out and shared regardless of season or land and man made stipulation.

A strong affection that leads to ever artful expression from songs, to poems, to dances, to canvasses—love can bring the hidden Pavarotti and Picasso.

A fervor ever present in the eyes of a mother cradling her child, in the smile of a dad doing his daughter’s pony tail, in the tender kiss of a groom rushing to unveil his bride—love is a poignancy in action.

It inspires. It delights. It heals. It fulfills.

It brings joy. It creates a meaning. It puts color to a dull human being. It makes life worth living.

Love is a faceless conqueror, who walks on the face of this earth bringing every splendor thing.

A creation by Aina Balagtas, Honolulu, Hawaii, February 12, 2019.

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