Fashion in the halls By: Rohanna Harvey

The many styles and statements found among us are wide and varied, so let's take a minute to bask in the beauty found in our own halls.

Let's walk around and see what our school has to offer.

"I wear casual clothing, but once a week, I'll dress up stylish sometimes," senior Abraham Martinez said.
Abraham wears his style proudly.
"My style is close to light gothic, but mainly it's just me doing me," senior Emily Kraft said.
Emily sure knows how accessorize.

The further we look, the more the styles change and grow.

"My aesthetic is more on the grunge, mostly black and [on the] comfortable side," senior Annika Monroe said.
Annika knows how to put herself together.
"I'm more casual, if I like it I wear it," senior Lian Cung said.

Everyone has their own ways of expressing themselves and that's what we love to see.

"I'm cool with anything really as long as I'm comfortable," junior Emily Wallace said.
"I just wear what I think is cute," junior Kylie Goldy said.

There's always someone doing their own thing just down the hall.

"When you look, you see me," junior Madeline Grant said.
Madeline knows how to make an outfit come together.
"It's all about being fun when I dress up definitely," senior Bailey Martin said.
"I'm really just chill about what I wear," junior Randi Kruse said. "I don't think about it too much."
Randi got their outfit 'down to a T.'

Gallery of kicks

Try and guess which match each outfit.