UNIT 86 Extended Specialist Technique (2)

Project proposal

For this 4 week project I wanted to create a semi professional comic book. My initial goal was to create a 12 pages comic book with a cover, after asking my tutor and receiving some feedback from my class mates I realised that in 4 week is something extremely hard nearly impossible due to the time limit that I have. So I decided to create a cover plus 1 really detailed page.


While I was doing my research on some artist for inspiration I found this amazing artist called Riccardo Federici, he does some amazing comic book pages and covers. He's main comic at the moment is called "Saria" and all his pages and covers are done with traditional methods.

This is my final piece, I am quite pleased with the final result and I think that the overall composition works pretty well together. I did not complete this in one go, it took a lot of work and erasing to get to this point. The paragraph that i used to create this page is this: " Azael was brought into the depths of hell from death, who captured his wife and froze her to show him that if he was not going to obey her rules he was not going to have a happy ending, Azael screms at the frozen corpse of his beloeved wife which could not hear him, after a brief pause he turns to death with menacing eyes and demands..."

This is the first thing that I changed from the first attempt, the face of the protagonist is not anatomically correct and you can see it pretty easily since it looks too stretched and going backwards so I tried to fix it.

This is the improved version and it looks much more realistic than the previous one I tried to implement the same shading technique used by Riccardo in his work and I think that I was able to use it in and effective manner.

This I the second thing that I wanted to change from my first attempt. I recreated this whole scene since to me personally it doesn't give a sense of three-dimensionality, so I tried to use silhouettes and I think I was able to achieve a much more effective image.

This is the improved version and it's much more emotionally active than the previous one.

Overall I am extremely pleased with how this comic book page turned out to be and I am satisfied with the work that I did.

Research: DAVID MACK

For the cover of my comic book I wanted to create something with watercolours and while I was researching some artists that used water colours I found this artist called David Mack, who does cover with watercolours.

For the cover I wanted to represent something meaningful for my protagonist which is his wife, Ameria. I started with a quick sketch on a watercolour paper and tried to refine the things that I wanted to paint like the hair the eyes and the mask.

At this point I was happy with the drawing and the colouring but I knew there was something missing so I decided to create a background.

Unfortunately the background ended up ruining the whole composition, so I was back to square one and had to recreate the whole cover.

With this sketch I tried to add more depth to the character and a more three-dimensional.

I was extremely happy with this sketch so I decided to add some guidelines for the shadows.

I painted over the face with a light mixture of orange and white, when it was dry I went over it with the same mixture but with a bit of brown so that the shadings will look more realistic. I used a light pin for the lips and when it was dry I went over the top lip with a bright pink.

As soon as the face was done I went to paint the hair , I worked in layers, I went in with a light blue for the first layer for the hair then I used a darker blue to add some shading and finally used I a darker blue to add the final shadings. I used the same process for the cloak.

After I was done with the layout of the cover I used the pen tool to create an outline of the face and upperbody and made a selection (feather radius 0.5)

I then placed it into another clean canvas and started adding colour and filled the blank sapce in the bottom right corner.

This is a custom brush that I have downloaded from an artist called "Aaron Griffin"

I added a grey bacground because i want the cover to have a really sad feel to it.

I added the shadow of the whole painting like if it was something done on a piece of paper and then reflected to a wall, I really think it gives a really nice feel to the overall composition as well.

I added the title, barcode and the number of the comic in the end.

I used this brush for the title "Azael"


In conclusion I am extreamly happy with the end result, both the page and the cover are really good in my opinion. It was extreamly hard not only because is something that takes a lot of time and effort but the fact that i did not have any feedback at the start when I pitched my idea did not give me any area that i had to improve but it seems like i was not in need of it as everything turned out to be pretty clear in the end. <3

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