police officer BY ISAAC CREEVY MADE 4/5/2017

three attributes/abilities required to be a police officer are 1.•Confidence. ... 2•good judgment ... 3•Impartiality.
police get average salary of 600,000 a year. They also get paid more when working on holidays.
police officers have all kinds of core tasks. here are five core tasks that police officers do 1. Patrol areas on foot,motocycles,bicycles, and in car 2. responds to assault calls and car accidents 3.help crime victims and arrest suspects 4. they interview witness and look for evidence of any sort 5. and they sometimes have to work with special units like the svu or k9 units.
it takes about seven years of college to become a police officer but you can also go to a police academy.
there are lots of colleges that have the necessary degree in this field of work but it can cost almost double if the college is out of state so here are two in state colleges and one out state college 1. nku 2. beckfield community college 3. Antonelli College
three related careers are 1. detective 2. lawyer 3. coast guard
three sources that that can help in the proses of being a police officer 1. Discover police.com 2. police links .com 3. American police beat.com
the web sites I used to get this info and pictures are careercruising and google images

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