Cinematograghy Matt Caruso

Close up. This shot helps emphasize a dramatic situation.
Birds eye view. This angle was used so we could see the water with a better view.
Wide shot. the wide shot helps show the location of the scene and what is happening. In this case it is a man standing with fire being shot up behind him.
Over the shoulder shot. It is used so the can see the main character dancing and the rest of the dancers at the same time.
Low angle. The low angle is being used to show a surprised look on the boys face.
High angle. The high angles is helping to show the mans confusion.
Extreme low angle. The angle is trying to show where she is and a dramatic effect.
Steady Cam. As the women walks the camera stays behind her very steadily.
Panning show. The camera is panning around this circle to show the devastation that had happened.
Tracking shot. The camera is following the woman every step she takes. It helps show strong emotion

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