Severe Weather By: River Lee


Three stages

First, the cumulus stage is when warm air rises "updraft" and clouds collect and grow.
The 2nd stage is the mature stage. This is when the cloud is at its biggest and precipitation occurs.
The last stage is the dissipating stage. This is when the precipitation cools the cloud down and the storm dies.


Three Stages

Every tornado starts as a powerful thunderstorm causing warm air to rise.
As the warm air rises it begins to rotate causing a mesocyclone. This is when the cloud is rotating but hasn't touched land yet.
Lastly The air begins to roll causing a vortex. This is when the tornado touches down and begins its destructiveness.


Also known as typhoons and cyclones

First hurricanes need warm water to begin with. They then need a strong thunderstorm to force warm air to rise and create clouds.
The clouds then form a ring which is known as the eye wall. The eye wall spins and grows. As it grows it becomes more powerful.
Once the storm hits land it dies after leaving lots of damage. Hurricanes are the most powerful storms on earth with mixtures of rain, wind, and storm surges.

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