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Alaska is west of Canada into the Artic Circle. Alaska is surrounded by the Artic Ocean. Alaska is northwest of Canada.

Alaska's eastern and southern borders are running along Canada's borders. Alaska's border is northwest and Canada covers 591,004 square miles. Alaska is said to be very cold.

The population in Alaska was 614,010 in 1998.There are fewer than 800,000 people in Alaska today. At some point there was 72,524 people in Alaska.

The Alaska flag represented the Alaskan sky.(The Big Dipper). The state flower is the forget me not. The state bird is a Willow Ptarmigan.

Some of the food and animals are the brown bear, black bear, and a black tailed deer. Some of the food is potatoes, wheat, and fish. some of there domesticated animals are caribou, reindeer, moose.

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