The Middle East By Pedro and Skyler

Britain and France were given control of most of the middle east after World War I. In 1947 the British turned the question on the UN which called for the creation of two states in the area one Jewish and one Arab

The Soviet Union generally backed the Arab opposition. While supporting Israel the US worked to prevent oil-rich Arab nations from falling under the influence of the Soviet Union

In 1953 the CIA organized restore the power of the pro American Shah of Iran.In 1956 , British and French forces attack Egypt to regain control of the canal Eisenhower persuaded his NATO allies to withdraw from Egypt.

Eisenhower acted to combat further Soviet influence in the Middle East. The president announced the Eisenhower Doctrine. This policy stated that the United States would use force. Doctrine was used in 1958 to justify landing troops.

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Pedro Quintero


Skyler Roos was partner

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