Byzantine Empire Chapter 12 lesson 3

When the Roman Empire split, the Eastern half became known as the Byzantine Empire. It's capital was Constantinople. It was also known as "New Rome." It was located one a peninsula and had a wall on the side that wasn't ocean. It was not easily supprised attacked. Constanople was located in presen-day Istanbul.


Justinian ruled the Byzantine Empire at it's height of power. Historians see him as Byzantine's best emperor. His wife, Theodora, helped women and their rights. One time, angry tax-payers threatened Justinian and he was ready to move out of the city. But Theodora encouraged him to fight the rebels. He crushed the rebels.

Justinian I

Here are some definitions from this lesson.

Mosaic: Pictures or patterns made from small pieces of colored glass or stone.

Saints: Holy Christian people.

Justinian helped interpret the laws to all people. He also made new laws. These were known as the Justinian Code. Justinian was also interested in architecture. There were many beautiful churches in the Byzantine Empire. One of them was Hagia Sophia which means Holy Wisdom.

Hagia Sophia

During the mid-500s, a terrible disease called Justinian's Plague. This disease killed millions of people, including Justinian's army. The loss of so many soldiers made it hard to fight. They also didn't have money to support the army. They Empire collapsed shortly after Justinian's death.

The End


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