22nd Annual Hike Lake County Van Patten Woods • 15838 West Route 173 • Wadsworth, IL 60083

Welcome to Van Patten Woods, home to dazzling Sterling Lake and an expansive, diverse nature preserve.
Relax, look across the green meadows to the distant tree line, and find your center.
Migrating from as far away as Florida and Mexico, Monarch butterflies rely on milkweed plants during the spring and summer to complete their life cycle.
Butterflies and blooms, in real life.
Sterling Lake is the focal point of Van Patten Woods; still, there are plenty of woods to make good its name.
The ebb and flow of the Des Plaines River flood plain ensures that its banks are always evolving.
The dragonfly is the most agile flier with abilities that seem to defy physics and mystify scientists.
Created By
Joseph Bonus


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